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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Putin is the leader of the world after Biden screws up Afghanistan [Video]

Dr. Steve Turley reports on how Biden the Imposter just helped Vladimir Putin become the guardian of the planet. It was pretty simple, actually. First, Biden’s controllers installed this hapless old man and created a real live puppet in the White House. Second, Biden the Imposter came up with how to remove US forces from…

American LOSERS attempt pathetic DEMANDS of Taliban [Video]

WARNING: Some images here are not suitable for children. Don’t let them look at this if you love them. Let them grow up first. Seriously. Picture this: You get in a fight with another kid on the playground. Your opponent beats you up completely. You are lying on the ground, bleeding from your nose and…

The very center of all US problems is the rejection of Christianity [Video]

Christianity has always been hand in hand with the greatest empires. The abandonment of Christianity has always led to the collapse of any nation or people or family or person who abandons it. This is an axiom. Many more secular minded folks will take exception to this statement, pointing out the terrible errors of the…

Three states now auditing 2020 election. Does this mean anything? [Video]

Pennsylvania and Georgia are going to conduct audits of the ballots in the 2020 Presidential election. In doing so, they join Arizona, which is currently conducting such an audit in Maricopa County. These audits are ostensibly an attempt to check the reality of the very strange 2020 election. Now, of course, no major networks are…

Woke elitism pays off for Black Lives Matter founder [Video]

Black Lives Matter revealed itself as a big sham over the last few weeks, as its founder Patrisse Cullors pocketed donations to the group for her own personal gain, buying at least $3.2 million worth of real estate – high end homes, hoped for island property and so on. Patrisse Cullors shows that Marxism pays…

Steve Turley weighs in on Ukraine – Russia “Conflict” [Video]

We want to present Dr Steve Turley, who speaks here about the “war drums” beating in Western media, offering us a new war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. He does an excellent job describing the situation (though, admittedly, we could pick at a few particular issues I think he does not have correct). He…

Talk of martial law resurfaces as Newsweek interviews Pentagon RESISTANCE [Video]

NEW ROCHELLE, NY - MARCH 18: A U.S. National Guard soldier stops traffic as fellow troops distribute food to local residents at the WestCop community center on March 18, 2020 in New Rochelle, New York. The troops have been deployed to New Rochelle, which has been a hot spot for the COVID-19 pandemic in the…

MSM: Trump is planning a coup to stop their coup attempt [Video]

This is one of the more dire reports offered by Dr. Steve Turley. He proposes that the leftist rhetoric that President Trump is planning a coup attempt may have some grounding in reality. This is not to say that Mr. Trump is trying to overthrow the government. He is still President, after all, and will…

Steve Turley connects the dots and comes up with Coup attempt [Video]

It goes without saying that for Trump supporters the last thirty-six hours have been anywhere from sad to depressing to even agonizing. The mainstream networks’ effort to call the election for Biden have been joined, apparently by Fox News, whose reporting has the election all but in the bag for Biden, at 264-213. If we…

Trump converts criticism to support and opens his first real lead [Video]

“It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way. It was not supposed to be this way…” This mantra is still being used by the likes of Hillary Clinton, and by a great number of Democrats and Never-Trumpers who continue to refuse to accept reality. This and the…

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