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Sunday, November 17, 2019
gun-stocks-soar-after-trump-admin-passes-new-rule to-ease-exports 

Gun Stocks Soar After Trump Admin Passes New Rule To Ease Exports 

Gun stocks are zooming higher in late session Thursday after the Trump administration passed a crucial milestone in a long-delayed rule change that would make it easier for gun companies to export firearms around the world, sources told Reuters.  American Outdoor Brands soared as much as 4% on the news.  Strum Ruger moved up at…

Stocks, Soybeans, & Yuan Suddenly Plunge On US-China Trade Deal Delay Headlines

US equity futures suddenly tumbled after Reuters reports that the signing of the US-China trade deal could be delayed until December as terms and the venue remain unclear. Additionally, a senior official of the Trump administration told Reuters on Wednesday that it was still possible the "Phase One" agreement aimed at ending a damaging trade…

Stocks, Yuan Tumble On US-China Trade Headlines

Update Oct. 29, 2019, 1:20 pm est.: The Trump administration, all in the attempt to calm fears from prior headlines indicating that a trade deal might not be signed at APEC, has published a new headline indicating they're "working to finalize" text of the "Phase 1" trade deal for signing in Chile.  S&P500 completed a V-shape recovery after…

Sterling, Stocks Slammed As Johnson Calls For Fresh Elections On Dec. 12

As was widely expected following the defeat of a motion to fast-track his Brexit deal, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he will call for Parliament to vote to hold fresh elections on Dec. 12. The prime minister will now bring forward a motion on Monday which, if passed,  would dissolve parliament and allow a…

Pound, Stocks Slide As Plan For Whirlwind Brexit-Deal Votes Defeated

Update 4 (2:35AMET): After getting off to a strong start with a wide margin of victory for the second reading of the withdrawal bill, Johnson has lost the critical motion program, 308-322. That means Johnson's plan to fast-track the passage of his withdrawal agreement bill has been defeated, meaning he will rely on Brussels to…

Stocks Jump (Again) On China Headlines (Again)

This is becoming more farcical every day. US equity markets are legging higher once again following more China headlines which reiterated the same old news that was negative news over the weekend and was confirmed as a negative by Navarro... but are now positive... Here's the news that sparked this: The Chinese Commerce Ministry tells…

Stocks Rebound After Ag Secretary Perdue’s China Farm Visits Comments

Major US equity indices have bounced back into the green after US Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue commented that "there were not commitments from China for trade talks last week," adding that he didn't know why the farm visits were canceled. However, while the markets have rebounded, they remain notably short of the level when the…

Stocks Plunge After China Trade Delegation Cancels Trip

Update: This is the catalyst: Montana Farm Bureau says the Chinese delegation has cancelled its US farm visit to Montana, and agriculture officials are returning to China sooner than expected. Sending the odds of a trade deal reeling... Source: Bloomberg *  *  * Well that escalated quickly...S&P crashed back below 3,000 All major indices erasing…

Stocks Slide After Trump’s Top China Trade Advisor Says “Tariffs Could Go To 100%”

Yesterday, moments ago Powell reminded president Trump that all he would need to see to cut rates further, would be additional weakening in the global economy, we - jokingly - said that any second now Trump would announce China tariffs would be hiked to 100%. POWELL: IF ECONOMY WEAKENS, MORE EXTENSIVE CUTS MAY BE NEEDED…

Peter Schiff: Riskiest Thing You Can Do is Buy Bonds

Former Reagan administration OMB Director David Stockman has called this the “mother of all bond bubbles.” Has that bubble popped? That remains to be seen, but bonds got hammered last week.Bonds have pretty much moved in tandem with gold over the last several weeks as perceived safe-haven trades. Peter Schiff talked about it in his latest podcast,…
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