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Thursday, August 18, 2022

Wall Street ‘Wins’ Again As ESG Scam Infiltrates Retirement Plans

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com,Wall Street “wins again” by taking more money from savers as the Department Of Labor considers allowing the ESG scam to infiltrate retirement plans.“The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a proposed rule that would remove barriers to plan fiduciaries’ ability to consider climate change and other environmental, social and governance…

“Peak Boom”: Wall Street Sentiment Turns Dire As Growth, Profits, Inflation Expectations Plunge

Several months ago, in May, when looking at the latest BofA Fund Manager Survey we observed that even as the reflation trade was sputtering along and nobody had heard of the Delta variant, "peak Wall Street Optimism was now behind us" as sentiment had just peaked and all key indicators were rolling over.Well, we were…

As Main Street Confidence Crashes, Wall Street Is The Most Bullish In 20 Years

If you blinked you missed it Friday as most mainstream media simply brushed it off, but Americans' consumer sentiment suddenly crashed to 10 year lows...Source: BloombergAs the casedemic and fearmongering of the government grew about the Delta variant (or Lambda) and the great unwashed unvaxx'd masses refuse to bend the knee...Source: Bloomberg...all the 'smartest men…

Wall Street Rivals Morgan Stanley & Goldman Back IPOs Of Rival Grill Makers

Just weeks after an "opinion" piece from Business Insider declared grilling "overrated" - citing, among other things, the trend toward "vegetarian" and "vegan" meat offerings like the product lineup for erstwhile market darling Beyond Meat - a second grill-maker has filed to go public as the Wall Street deal bonanza that has been raging for…

Wall Street Expects Fee Bonanza As $1 Trillion In Mutual Funds Become ETFs

This week, a quiet milestone in the changing nature of the asset-management industry passed without much notice from the heavily preoccupied financial press - and no, we're not talking about Invesco's latest volley in the buy-side fee wars. On Monday, Dimensional Fund Advisors converted $29 billion in mutual funds into ETFs via Citigroup, one of…

Wall Street Banks Clamp Down On Hedge Fund Shorting Of Meme Stonks

Wall Street is sticking it to... the man?Following Wednesday's decision by Jefferies' Prime Brokerage to suspend short sales in meme stocks such as AMC, Gamestop and Microvision, other banks are following through with steps of their own, and as Bloomberg just reported that more of Wall Street’s top brokers are quietly tightening their rules for…

“I’m A Street Fighter”: Pelosi Says Capitol Insurrectionists Would Have “Had A Battle On...

Well, now that we're months removed from the Capitol "riots", we guess it's time to throw the narrative of how extremely dangerous all of the "domestic terrorists" who stormed the Capitol were and move back to meaningless political posturing.That appears to be what Nancy Pelosi is doing, telling USA Today this week that the capitol…

“As Boom As It Gets”: Wall Street Has Forgotten All About Covid, Sees “Tantrum”...

It was exactly one month ago that Wall Street exhaled a sigh of relief, and according to the March BofA Fund Manager Survey, consensus among Wall Street's professionals was that Covid was unofficially "over"...... and after a year of covid dominating the league tables as the "biggest tail risk", both inflation & taper tantrum were…

“It’s Over”: As Far As Wall Street Is Concerned, COVID Is History

At the end of January, when looking at the plunge in covid cases, deaths and hospitalizations we asked a question: "Is it almost over?" We got the answer today, when BofA published its latest Fund Manager Survey (which as is the tradition every month, polled some 220 panelists with $630bn in AUM). The title said…

Wall Street Declares “The Beginning Of The End Of The COVID Crisis”

One month ago, we said that the beginning of the end of the covid pandemic would mysteriously coincide with the Biden inauguration, and sure enough that's precisely what has just happened. As BofA's Ethan Harris writes overnight in his daily COVID news wrap, "with COVID cases falling and vaccines accelerating, this is probably the beginning…

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