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Biden war machine anxious to get back into Syria and cause chaos in Caucasus

The Duran: Episode 726 A Biden Administration Would Keep a Military Presence in Syria A Biden Administration Would Keep a Military Presence in Syria – News From Antiwar.com According to a report from Asharq Al-Awsat, a senior Biden advisor met with a group of Syrians to go over what a Biden administration’s Syria policy would…

Putin prepares for worse case scenario Biden assault on Armenia & Syria

*****News Topic 140***** Putin In Rare Rebuke To Erdogan: Stop Sending Mercenaries To Caucasus Putin In Rare Rebuke To Erdogan: Stop Sending Mercenaries To Caucasus It’s been an ‘open secret’ even making its way into mainstream media in the West that Turkey has been overseeing the transfer of hundreds or possibly thousands of foreign jihadists…

How Exceptional America Is

How Exceptional America Is Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture America is becoming exceptionally exceptional. In some votes at the U.N. General Assembly — the Assembly of nations — only Israel,  or one or two other U.S. allies, vote along with it, and all others either vote against it, or else abstain in order…

Trump nominated for THIRD Nobel Peace Prize – for PEACEMAKING [Video]

This is clearly an opportunity to gloat and say “see, I told you so.” Read on and enjoy. Two earlier pieces here on The Duran make note of the US President’s record on foreign policy and aggression, something that had long been the focus of many geopolitical wonks as being proof of the “hegemony” of the United…

US Military Deploys Armored Vehicles In Syria Following Clash With Russian Military Patrol

The U.S. Military will deploy reinforcements, including armored vehicles and fighter jet patrols, to Syria several weeks after an altercation between American and Russian ground patrol units, the U.S. Central Command announced Friday. Around 100 troops will join over 500 U.S. service members in northeast Syria, Capt. Bill Urban of U.S. Central Command said in…

Russia will prevent separatism in Syria: Russian analyst explains

Steven Sahiounie is a journalist and political commentator… A high level Russian delegation met recently with President Assad in Damascus. In an effort to further understand the importance and implications of the meeting, Steven Sahiounie at MidEastDiscourse reached out to Andrey Ontikov, a Special Correspondent at Izvestia daily newspaper, in Moscow and a political commentator specializing in the Middle East.…

The US and Russia collide, while Syrian tribes call for US withdrawal

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Wednesday’s collision between the US military occupying the northeast of Syria, and the Russian military legally present there, showcases the drama unfolding, as the occupiers are being handed a cue: “Yankee Go Home”. Sheiks and elders of the Arab Al-Uqaydat tribe met at Deir Ez Zor, Syria on August 11 and…

Erdogan commits ‘crime against humanity’ in Hasaka, Syria by cutting off water to one...

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator Turkish President Erdogan has sought to create an image for himself as the champion of religion. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) also tried to claim they were following a religion, yet both to used water as a weapon of war. Water in Islam Turkey is almost…

While a Russian-Turkish patrol was passing.. a guided missile targeted a Turkish military vehicle...

Khaled Iskef، Syrian Journalist… Unidentified gunmen targeted a Turkish military vehicle while it was participating in the joint Russian-Turkish military patrol Monday morning in Idlib countryside on (Aleppo-Latakia) highway. Private field sources reported that the Turkish vehicle was hit by an “R.P.G” shell shortly after it left “Tarnaba” village in Idlib countryside, damaging it completely…

‘We Should All Be Concerned’: US General Says The Islamic State Is Rebuilding In...

August 14, 2020 7:59 PM ET Islamic State insurgents are rebuilding in an area historically controlled by Syrian government troops and out of sight of U.S. officials, a top U.S. Commander said, a local NBC affiliate reported. ISIS is working somewhat freely in the western area of Syria, away from any U.S. and Syrian Democratic…
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