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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I Am an American, And I Am Ashamed of My Government

George Floyd’s Murder Is the Surface of Deeper Scandal. Eric Zuesse This is not the America of the U.S. Constitution and of its Founders; it is not consistent with their ideals, neither in domestic policy, nor in foreign policy. This is the government that has a higher percentage of its population locked up in prison…

Airstrike Hits Kurdish Resort as Turkey Continues Invasion of Iraq

Drone strikes of unconfirmed origin killed at least six people in Sulaimani province, northern Iraq, on Thursday, including multiple children. The strike, reportedly targeting members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), occurred near what the Kurdish outlet Rudaw described as a “village resort” popular with families. The PKK is a U.S.-designated Marxist terrorist organization that…

The new US sanctions escalate the suffering of the Syrian people

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The Editorial Board of The Washington Post published an opinion on June 24, “Syria’s brutal dictatorship suffers a severe setback”. It is an opinion; however, they must be held responsible for factually incorrect statements. They call the Assad government of Syria the “Middle East’s most brutal dictatorship”.  President Assad is an elected president, having…

The US supports new Kurdish unity to destabilize the Middle East

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator The Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK), a newly-established umbrella group consisting of 25 parties, was formed on May 20 to support the Kurdish unity talks, which have resulted in a “common political vision” on governance and partnership following a series of US-backed talks.  The statement released on June 17 by all parties…

Syria and Lebanon in shared economic crisis

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator… Lebanon was founded in 1920, after the end of WW1.  Lebanon was formed from part of Syria, and the Lebanese and the Syrian people share ethnicity, history, culture, religion, and geography.  However, Lebanon has a distinctive culture of its own. Some of the problems in Lebanon today are caused by…

The US admits they are to blame for the Syrian hunger

Steven Sahiounie, journalist and political commentator… United States Special Envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, announced on Sunday that Washington had offered Syria a proposal to end the US sanctions. The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry in Damascus said that the statements by James Jeffrey constitute a clear admission by the Trump administration of it being directly responsible for the…

Leaders Of Persecuted Christians In Middle East ‘Deeply Grateful’ For Trump’s International Religious Freedom...

Leaders of persecuted Christian communities expressed their gratitude for an international religious freedom executive order that President Trump signed in June, according to the National Catholic Register. Bishops of churches in the Middle East and Africa applauded the the Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom, especially since it comes at a time of rampant persecution…

Hillary Clinton’s Achievements as Secretary of State

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Saker Some people say that Hillary Clinton had no achievements as the U.S. Secretary of State; but that view is factually false. She had a huge and enduring impact, on at least three countries, as will here be documented via the links: HONDURAS: When the dozen oligarchs who control Honduras…

Gold Star Husband, Green Beret Veteran Joe Kent: Why He Supports President Trump

Retired Army Green Beret Joe Kent stepped into the spotlight after his wife, Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Shannon Kent, paid the ultimate sacrifice while serving on the frontlines in the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria last year. He wanted to share her story — of a talented cryptologist who could…

America’s Continuing Efforts to Conquer Syria

Eric Zuesse The U.S. regime is focusing its Syria campaign solely on its goal to steal Syria’s oil, and has handed off to its UK partner the rest of the military and diplomatic operation to conquer and replace Syria’s Government. That operation is now under the direction of Ben Wallace, UK’s Defence Secretary. Wallace had…

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