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CDC Director on Schools: Updated Guidance ‘Free from Political Meddling’

Dr. Rochelle Walensky said Friday the updated guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for K-12 school reopenings were created “free from political meddling,” using “available science” and as a result of hearing from “stakeholders” in public education. During a press call about the new guidelines, CDC Director Walensky commented on the…

Harris: We’ll Defer to Health Experts and Teachers’ Unions on Elementary School Openings

During an interview with CNN on Thursday, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) said that the Biden-Harris administration will defer to both health experts and teachers’ unions on opening elementary schools. Host Jake Tapper asked, “Madam vice president-elect, most health experts, including Dr. Fauci, agree that elementary schools should be the last thing to close. Bars should…

Teachers’ Unions Gleeful: ‘Bye Betsy,’ End to School Choice

The national teachers’ unions are gleeful that a number of media outlets have called the presidential election for former Vice President Joe Biden. “We know Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will stand with us as we work to reclaim public education as a common good, as the foundation of this democracy,” National Education Association (NEA)…

Education Researchers: Politics, Not Science, Determines Local School Closures

Spencer Platt / Getty New studies suggest that politics, not science, is driving local policies on school closures and re-openings. According to the non-partisan education news website The 74, the two factors most closely correlated with school re-openings are the share of the local vote that went to President Donald Trump in 2016, and the…

Trump in Georgia: ‘Nobody Has Done More for the Black Community’

President Donald Trump pointed out to supporters Friday night at a campaign rally in Macon, Georgia, what he and his administration have done for the black community in America. “I got criminal justice reform done, prison reform, Opportunity Zones with [Sen.] Tim Scott (R) from South Carolina — a great, great man, great person,” Trump…

Connecticut: David X. Sullivan — ‘I’m a Rule of Law Candidate’

Republican David X. Sullivan says he wants voters in the fifth district of Connecticut to know he sees a marked difference between peaceful protests and the rioting and killing happening in many cities across the nation as he challenges Joe Biden surrogate Rep. Jahana Hayes (D-CT). “I’m a ‘rule of law’ candidate,” Sullivan told Breitbart…

Home Education Surges as Teachers’ Unions Block Reopening of Schools

As teachers’ unions and their Democrat allies keep looking to the federal government for billions more in taxpayer funds before they consider reopening government schools, creative American parents are pushing past the politics and inventing their own ideal learning environments for their children — many of which involve some form of home education. Good Morning…

Joe Biden Fights Science: ‘Just Plain Dangerous’ for Children to Return to School

Presumptive Democrat 2020 nominee Joe Biden tweeted Friday it’s “just plain dangerous” for American children to return to school this fall, a statement that goes against the “science” as explained by a number of physicians. “Everyone wants our schools to reopen,” Biden tweeted. “The question is how to make it safe and how to make…

Joe Biden Warns ‘Students of Color’ Will Suffer if Schools Remain Closed

Joe Biden told members of the National Education Association’s (NEA) representative assembly that the longer schools remain closed due to the coronavirus, the more low-income “students of color” will suffer learning losses. However, that message may not have been what many teachers would have liked to hear since it has been teachers’ union leaders and…

Left-wing Protest Demands L.A. School Police Be Abolished

David McNew / Getty A protest in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday demanded that the Los Angeles School Police Department, which protects public schools from gang violence and mass shootings, be abolished. Last week, the United Teachers Los Angeles, the union representing teachers in the Los Angeles Unified School District, joined a Black Lives Matter demonstration…

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