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Monday, November 18, 2019

SAT Administrator to Plead Guilty in College Admissions Bribery Scam

SAT administrator Igor Dvorskiy is expected to plead guilty to his role in the college bribery scam in a Boston courthouse on Wednesday. According to a report by Reuters, SAT proctor Igor Dvorskiy will plead guilty on Wednesday to his role in the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. Dvorskiy was accused of allowing SAT proctors…

Watch: Assailant Sprays Rep. Dan Bishop’s Son in Face While Vandalizing NC State TPUSA...

An alleged member of NC State’s Young Democratic Socialists of America club sprayed paint into the face of Jack Bishop, the son of Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) and a member of the school’s Turning Point USA club, while spray painting over a message promoting a TPUSA event on Monday evening. Turning Point USA members at NC…

U. of Virginia Cancels Veterans Day 21-Gun Salute Event over Mass Shootings

Administrators at the University of Virginia ignited a backlash this week when it announced that it is canceling its annual 21-gun salute, which had become a staple of the school’s Veterans Day events. According to a local news report, the University of Virginia has canceled its annual 21-gun salute, a traditional military ceremony that honors…

Wikipedia Admins Censor Name of Alleged Ukraine ‘Whistleblower’

As reports circulated identifying Eric Ciaramella as the alleged “whistleblower” driving efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, Wikipedia editors attempted to mention him in articles on the site. However, Wikipedia admins used their advanced privileges to delete records of his name, block creation of pages on Ciaramella, and even banned his name completely. After Donald…

UC Berkeley Instructor: Rural Americans Are ‘Bad People’

An instructor at UC Berkeley argued that “rural Americans” are “bad people” who have made “bad life decisions” in a tweet that he has since deleted. UC Berkeley instructor Jackson Kernion said that “rural Americans” are “bad people” in a tweet last week. Kernion, a graduate student studying philosophy, has taught ten courses at UC…

U. of North Texas Lawyer Resigns After Using Racial Slur During Free Speech Lecture

A staff lawyer at the University of North Texas has resigned after using a racial slur during a classroom discussion about free speech. According to a local news report, a University of North Texas staff lawyer has resigned over her use of a racial slur during an on-campus panel event on free speech. Assistant General…

New York State Takes $900 Million Write Down on Tesla Plant Value

New York state officials have written down more than $1 billion in economic development investments in multiple tech projects across upstate New York, including nearly $900 million on Tesla’s troubled solar panel production factory in Buffalo. The Wall Street Journal reports that New York state officials have written down more than $1 billion in economic development investments…

Tulane Student Government Approves ‘Equity Fee’ for ‘Marginalized’ Students

The student government at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, recently approved an “equity fee” seeking to impose an additional cost of $240 on each student in order to fund a new program aiming to support black and “marginalized” students at the private university. The resolution to increase school fees by $240 per student —…

Google Removes PragerU Android App from Play Store

Google has removed PragerU’s app from its Play Store, which delivers apps to billions of Android users around the world, even as the tech company defends itself against a court case alleging that it is unfairly censoring PragerU on YouTube. “The PragerU mobile app has been completely removed from the Google Play store for apparently…

Yelp Ramps Up Anti-Competitive Accusations Against Google

The online review site Yelp is ramping up its long-standing feud with Google, saying in a new report that the search engine’s monopoly is not only hurting Yelp but is also hurting innovation and consumer choice in the digital marketplace. Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman told Buzzfeed News in an interview published Tuesday that Google’s practices amount…
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