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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Obamas Acquire Michael Keaton 9/11 Movie ‘Worth’ to Stream on Netflix

Barack and Michelle Obama have acquired the 9/11-themed movie Worth, starring Michael Keaton, through their High Ground production company in partnership with Netflix, which will stream the movie later this year to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Worth, which debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival to generally positive reviews, is based…

Facebook Oversight Board Flooded With 9,000 Comments On Case Set To Review Trump’s Suspension

February 11, 2021 5:36 PM ET The Facebook oversight board has received over 9,000 comments about former President Donald Trump’s case, which they are set to rule on by April. Trump’s case has received nearly 100 times more comments than the oversight board’s last five cases combined, Facebook’s head of communications told Politico Thursday. Facebook…

YouTube Blacklists LifeSite News

Google-owned YouTube has banned LifeSite News, one of the leading sources of pro-life news and commentary on the web. Gualberto Garcia Jones, VP of LifeSite News, told Breitbart News that the site had anticipated censorship from Big Tech companies, and has already established a presence on alternative platforms including Gab, Rumble, MeWe, and Telegram, and…

TikTok Allows Topless Display by Women if They Say They Are Men

A woman has been censored by TikTok after duplicating a viral trend of topless dancing by women who say they are men. The company does not curb the topless display by women who say they are transgender, and who dance in front of the camera with exposed breasts. However, TikTok censored the similar display by a woman who…

Amazon’s Next CEO Led the Cloud Computing Division that Blacklisted Parler

Amazon Web Services (AWS) boss Andy Jassy — who is ultimately responsible for blacking Parler — will take over as the CEO of Amazon when Jeff Bezos steps down from the role. Jassy will become the new CEO of Amazon later this year. The incoming CEO is currently the head of AWS, which banned Parler from…

The GameStop Rebellion: 4 Things to Know

Shares of GameStop and AMC saw tremendous gains this week as an army of small retailer investors beat back sophisticated hedge funds that had bet against the stocks. 1. A Bet That GameStop Won’t Stop Although GameStop’s meteoric price climb—from $35.50 last Friday to $280 today—grabbed lots of attention this week, a group of online…

Robinhood Says It Will Allow ‘Limited Buys’ of GameStop and Other Short Squeeze Stocks

After plunging 44 percent on Thursday, shares of GameStop are soaring in after-hours trading Robinhood announced that it would once again allow customers to buy GameStop and other stocks that have seen meteoric rises this week. Amid this week’s extraordinary circumstances in the market, we made a tough decision today to temporarily limit buying for…

YouTube Demonetizes the Epoch Times

Google-owned YouTube has stripped the Epoch Times of its ability to monetize content on the platform, giving only vague reasons as to why. “YouTube demonetized the Epoch Times and related accounts last week,” said Stephen Gregory, publisher of the Epoch Times. “This is the latest example of big tech suppression of free speech, a step on the road to…

UC Riverside Professor Jane Ward: Heterosexuality Is ‘Tragic’

University of California, Riverside professor Jane Ward called heterosexuality “tragic,” adding that it encourages men to objectify women, and pulls them into “toxic” masculine culture. “It really looks like straight men and women don’t like each other very much, that women spend so much time complaining about men, and we still have so much evidence…

Report: White House Counsel Pat Cipollone Blocking Assange Pardon

SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images A last-ditch effort to persuade President Donald Trump to issue a pre-emptive pardon to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is reportedly being blocked by White House counsel Pat Cipollone, according to reports. A high-level source in the Trump administration reported to Breitbart News that while the President is sympathetic to pardoning…

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