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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Colleges Are Testing Dorm Sewage To Detect Early COVID-19 Outbreaks

Colleges and universities which are opening for in-person, on campus classes this week and the next are apparently stopping at nothing to ensure they can detect COVID-19 cases early, especially as they struggle to prevent total campus shutdowns as happened last March when the pandemic hit the US, also as in many cases the very…

Testing Will Begin In Africa For Biometric ID, “Vaccine Records”, & “Payment Systems”

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Testing will soon begin in poverty-stricken parts of Africa for a biometric ID which will also be your payment system and vaccine record. The biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is backed by none other than the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard, and the…

Testing, Tracing, Treating – How Asia’s Biggest Slum Is Beating The Coronavirus

As the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India passes 800k, pushing India past Russia and into third place on the ranking of most global cases... ...the country's leader, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been hard-pressed to come up with a solution, particularly after an economy-crippling shutdown. Earlier this month, local officials in Mumbai…

Live Nuclear Testing Could Resume In ‘Months’ At Nevada Site If Approved

Late last week the Trump administration raised eyebrows among the American public and around the world when it was revealed it is actually considering conducting a nuclear test for the first time in 28 years, ultimately as a 'message' to Russia and China. It was discussed two weeks ago (May 15) at a “deputies meeting” of senior national…

Dr. Anthony Harris: ‘Testing Is Not Going to Be the Answer’ to Get Us...

Safety protocols for returning to the workforce are more important than ubiquitous coronavirus testing to resume economic normalcy, explained Dr. Anthony Harris, associate medical director and vice president of onsite clinical operations for WorkCare, an occupational health services company. Harris discussed responses to the coronavirus outbreak in an interview on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart…

Senate Coronavirus Hearing: U.S. Will Meet Testing Goals, Fauci ‘Cautiously Optimistic’ About Vaccine 

Health officials from the Trump administration told a Senate panel on Tuesday that the U.S. will be able to meet its coronavirus (COVID-19) testing goals for the next two months and that there may be an effective vaccine to combat the disease by the end of this year. Many of the Democrats on the Senate…

White House Distributing $11 Billion to States for Testing

The White House on Monday confirmed plans to distribute $11 billion to states to help fund testing, as part of a growing effort to ramp up testing across the country. A senior administration official said that nearly nine million coronavirus tests had been completed and ten million tests were expected to be finished by the…

L.A. County Study: Coronavirus Outbreak Up to 55 Times More Widespread, Less Deadly than...

The novel coronavirus has infected roughly 4.1 percent of the population in California’s Los Angeles County, suggesting the region’s outbreak is far more widespread than previously thought, between 28 and 55 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, new research shows, echoing the findings of a similar study elsewhere in the state. However, the…

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