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Monday, May 25, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Jihadist Shooter At Corpus Christi Naval Base Studied At Saudi Arabian ‘College Of...

Laura Loomer Posted On May 21, 2020 On Thursday May 21, 2020 authorities say an Islamic terrorist opened fire at a Naval Air Station in Corpus Christi, Texas. The suspect, who was killed at the scene of the attack has been identified as “Arab male” Adam Salim Alsahli. Authorities say the shooting began around 6:15…

Companies Like Prestige Ameritech Offered To Help Build Supplies For Virus, But Were Reportedly...

As the novel coronavirus continues to affect Americans, there have been reports alleging that companies have offered to help build supplies, but have been rejected. One of the more recent allegations comes from Prestige Ameritech Vice President Michael Bowen, who runs up a Texas-based medical supply company. Bowen sent emails over the course of 13…

‘Illegal’: Trump Goes After Tech Giants Google, Facebook For ‘Radical Left’ Bias

President Donald Trump appeared to express support for breaking up dominant tech companies in a tweet Saturday. Trump’s tweet comes just hours after reports that the Justice Department was drafting an antitrust lawsuit against Google. Politicians have long feared that Google and its peers like Facebook and Amazon have become too dominant in their industry.…

Two Illegal Aliens Accused of Abusing 6-Year-Old Boy, Locking Him in Shed

Two illegal aliens living in Texas have been charged with abusing a six-year-old boy after he was found tied up and living in an outdoor shed by Dallas police officers. Mexican illegal aliens Esmeralda Lira, 53-years-old, and Jose Balderas, 66-years-old, were arrested by Dallas police officers and charged with felony abandonment and endangering a child this…

Lawsuit Could Free Illegal Alien Accused of Murdering 22 Elderly Americans

An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit is seeking the release of inmates in the Dallas County, Texas Jail considered “vulnerable” to contracting the Chinese coronavirus — a suit that could result in the release of a high-profile accused illegal alien serial killer from Kenya. Billy Chemirmir, 47-years-old, is facing the death penalty for two…

82-Year-Old Texas Woman Sent to Hospice Defies Odds, Beats Coronavirus

Phyliss Shepherd’s family found unexpected joy when she defied all prognoses and recovered from the novel coronavirus. Shepherd, 82, has been in a nursing facility for about a year, suffering from dementia. But when she became one of many worldwide victims of the novel coronavirus global pandemic — officially classified “COVID-19” by the World Health…

As Coronavirus Grips States, Some Elected Officials Encourage Americans To Report Each Other

Mayors and governors in some states most affected by the coronavirus have set up systems to allow Americans to discreetly report one another for breaking social distancing rules. The new policies are coming down across the country in both red and blue states. Democratic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio set up a hotline…

Texas’ Anti-Climactic Reopening: Malls & Restaurants Empty, Beaches & Parks Packed

As predicted, even when the economy finally opens back up across the US, the severe hit which has already seen a number of major retailers file for bankruptcy - with Nieman Marcus being the latest Thursday, it won't mark the end of the financial pain.  Take Texas, an early state to rapidly east pandemic restrictions and…

‘The Year The Bill Of Rights Became Selfish Behavior’: Larry The Cable Guy Weighs...

Larry the Cable Guy weighed in on “draconian” measures being implemented in response to the continued threat of coronavirus. The comedian, born Daniel Lawrence Whitney, took to Twitter to voice his frustration after Texas salon owner Shelly Luther was sentenced to jail time for defying lockdown orders and reopening her salon. She was sentenced to…
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