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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Stock Market MEGA Bubble Fastest In History While Millions Can’t Afford To Eat. Roaring...

source Anyone who has been keeping an eye on the stock market knows it’s been doing well. Sure it’s completely out of whack but the Fed won’t let it fall. I mean, they love us, right? Yes, it’s completely overvalued by every single metric, but who looks at stats anyway? And I know that there’s…

$52 Billion in Missed Rent May Push Retail Sector Over the Edge! Historic Losses

source Each sector has felt the Crisis of 2020 differently, that’s for sure. Retail has taken a huge hit, there’s no doubt and as a result, the data is piling up and won’t stop. We have seen such a massive injection of capital into the system but it won’t do any good. This sector was…

Largest Debt Buildup in History Has Created the Major Crisis for 2021 as Economy...

source Economic turmoil has ensued and today we see nothing but chaos. Nothing makes sense. Nothing can be explained. There are lineups for hours to get food. But for those who are employed and now fall into the 401k millionaire status, they’re unable to see what’s around them. There are always haves and have nots.…

U.S. Economic Recession Created Zombie Companies With $1.4 Trillion of Debt!

source There has been a huge flow of money going into equities. In fact, it’s a record amount. At the same time debt has accelerated in countless corporations, including Apple, the biggest company in the world. Debt is so cheap and manageable for corporations with consistent revenue. But when things become unusual, suddenly you have…

Stock Market Goes BERSERK! Countless Indicators Flash Major Warning Signals

source The market has seen such an incredible rise and now we are in la la land. There is nothing stopping this market. Bad news, ignored. Economic meltdown, ignored. Systematic degradation of the financial system, ignored. All that’s important is the Fed. When you wake up in the morning, the Fed did that. Sun came…

The Great Reset Is Coming. Are You Ready?

source There have been numerous calls for a new world order over the years. Some have desired the empire to fall. Others have been suggesting a great reset to occur. All the while, the globalist elite take more and more from the middle class as they are distracted and entertained. The question is how will…

China Joins World’s Largest Trading Bloc, U.S. EXCLUDED! Reserve Currency Status Remain?

source An empire never falls from the outside in. It’s from the inside out. Today we see what happens when a small handful of people who are capable of causing havoc will do. More and more economic weakness will come and it’s all manufactured. The system of control is defined and required. They print as…

Debt Crisis Unfolding in U.S. as Malls Go Bankrupt, Lenders Take Major Losses! 2008...

source The world is clearly entering a new phase. Every central bank will fund their entire budget deficit, creating helicopter money madness. Meanwhile, the average know-it-all retail investor has been pushing [pedal] to the metal [on] leveraged stocks, singing the tune, Print For Me Powell, all day long. But there is no certainty in this…

Watch Commercial Real Estate Failures To See The Financial Crisis Part 2 Unravel!

source In 2008, the world stopped spinning. Everything was out of control. The financial system was beyond weak. Central banks went into territory they never would have dreamed. Today, we are in the same places, navigating through unknown to the masses. This will not end well. Ignorance is not bliss. Hotel Brands Report Major Losses…

90,000 Airline Jobs CUT, Bank Jobs Disappear as Economy Falls Next Phase Down!

source Mass layoffs are taking place today and in contrast, we have seen such euphoria in the stock market. Of course, to those who have been paying attention, easy money policies have not only enabled this but encouraged such behavior. There has never been a time in history when such a discrepancy has occurred and…

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