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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Student Debt Crisis as 20% in Default! Get Ready For Biggest Bailout Ever.

source Perhaps the biggest bubble on earth is the student debt bubble. It’s massive on any scale. There’s no possible way this will end well. Continuously increasing education costs, maximal debt, and the compounding effect of not having a good salary or any job at all on top of debt repayments. This is a system…

Fed Just Admitted They CAN’T STOP QE Ever! $16 Trillion Negative Bonds Globally!

source The intervention by the Federal Reserve and other central banks has been at a historic level. They told us that their actions were temporary. In 2008 and onward, congress grilled the Fed, and made it seem as though their actions would be challenged. Today, after never normalizing anything, politicians, bankers, analysts, and the retail…

THIS Shows Financial System Falling Apart Despite Mega Stimulus! Market Mania Fragility

source Money printing is never a solution. Even the Fed knows this. However, it does a great job of devaluing the currency. You see, you can print money, you can expand the balance sheet, you can buy assets, but you cannot force people and businesses to use the money. The only way to do this…

Food Prices Escalate as Wages Decline! Job Cuts and Reduced Hours Create Perfect Storm

source Food is an essential component of our lives and yet one that too many people take advantage of. We can buy it cheap just about anywhere. If one store is too expensive, there are many stores nearby willing to undercut prices. But what happens when the supply chain breaks? What if there is suddenly…

Financial System Weakest Link Here in 2020! Failure Inevitable, Containment Impossible

source This is a continuation of yesterdays video. The CMBS is a huge issue and it’s largely ignored. What do you think is the weakest link in the financial system? Microsoft is letting more employees work from home permanently – The Verge Microsoft is letting more employees work from home permanently Microsoft is allowing more…

Tale of Two Americas Now A Global Story. Unprecedented Recession or Fantastic Bull Market?

source Massive economic disparity today as certain businesses flourish and others fail. Certain businesses that were producing billions in revenue every year are now completely bankrupt. We are witnessing a scale of unlimited potential for failure. This presents future issues as well because the impact is truly unknown. The response from government? Stimulus checks and…

Fed Prepares MASSIVE QE Expanding Balance Sheet To $10 Trillion! U.S. Dollar Doomed?

source We haven’t seen this much debt amassed in such a short period of time. With governments relying so heavily on low interest rates to be able to pay back their overlord central bankers, where does this leave the future of all currencies versus their relationship to real goods? Not a very pretty picture it…

The Dominos Are Falling and It Begins With THIS. Financial Crisis Part 2 is...

source The global economy relies on spending. More and more spending. If people aren’t buying iPhones, they don’t need as many parts. If they don’t need the parts, they don’t need the raw materials. Everything is connected. It goes for any industry. One industry that is joined at the hip is the financial and housing…

Middle Class Evaporating! Economy Hit With More Job Cuts as Long Term Jobless Soars!

source 2 clear and distinct factions have form[ed] in the economy in 2020. We are witnessing some pieces rising higher, stronger, and better than ever before. Others are dealing with serious, overwhelming problems. Look at the financial system. It is nearly caving under the weight of the incredible debt load. But certain stocks have performed…

Extreme Wealth Inequality and the Devaluation of Currencies Courtesy of Central Banks

source This was part of the previous day’s video that went on too long. It included some great information so I wanted to share it. This is only 4 min long so it probably won’t show up in most of the subscribers recommended videos but for those who manually check, hope you find it informative.…

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