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Sunday, September 26, 2021

These Are The World’s 100 Smallest Countries

National borders may be mere human constructs, but they are powerful ones. Russia, Canada, the U.S., and so on - it’s easy to focus on the countries with the largest landmasses and seemingly endless borders. Their sheer size makes them hard to ignore, and their natural resources are often vast. But with the graphic below…

These Are The US Cities Where Workers Make The Most Relative To Their Cost-Of-Living

With Microsoft becoming the latest major tech company to signal to employees that they can apply to make "WFH" a permanent element of their schedule, millions of Americans are contemplating moving away from densely packed cities - indeed, many have already made the move. According to data released Friday, the apartment vacancy rate in Manhattan…

Which Of These Poses The Greater Threat To The Country?

Authored by Mike Whitney, “The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness.” - Joseph Conrad Here’s your political puzzler for the day: Which of these two things poses a greater threat to the country: An incompetent and boastful president who has no previous government…

These 10 Colleges Are Receiving The Most Federal Bailout Money

Authored by Jon Street via Campus Reform, Thousands of colleges across the country are being infused with billions of dollars in cash after they were forced to close their campuses and move classes online amid the coronavirus pandemic.  The Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund is part of the $2 trillion CARES Act that was passed…

“Who Are These Parents?” – As COVID-19 Cases Soar, America’s Teenaged ‘Covidiots’ Still Aren’t...

Looking back, the fact that most Americans went about their daily lives as if nothing was happening for most of February - heeding the official advice of mayors including NYC's Bill de Blasio and others - seems almost unconscionable. All the while, COVID-19 was spreading, unseen, among communities in suburban Seattle, and in NYC and…

These Cities Have the Most Six-Figure Jobs

Submitted By Volusion, Earning a six-figure income is a goal for many Americans, but few actually achieve it. According to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), less than 7 percent of American workers are employed in occupations paying a median salary of $100,000 or more. However, in some parts of the country,…

These Are All The International Brands That Have Apologized To China

Authored by Lucas Niewenhuis via SupChina.com, The definitive list of international companies that have issued apologies to maintain their market access in China in recent years. Plus, a record of the even more widespread phenomenon of self-censorship for the Chinese market. By now, pretty much everyone has noticed - or should have noticed - how…

“These Gates Will Open” – Erdogan Declares As Turkey Begins Deporting ISIS Captives To...

Have Turkey's floodgates begun to open? For months now the question of what to do with foreign jihadists which flooded Syria over the course of the eight-year long war has been intensely debated. President Erdogan has shocked European officials by repeatedly threatening to unleash them along with some three million Syrian refugees on Europe if…

These Were The Best And Worst Performing Assets In Rollercoaster August

For equity markets, August was the most violent month of 2019, with the S&P tumbling 2.6% or more on at least three occasions, the same as the number of instances when the Dow plunged almost 1000 points - the worst since Q4 of 2018 when the S&P briefly entered a bear market - only to…

These Are The Hardest-Working Cities In America

Productivity in the US has been a hot topic among economists over the past few years, as the Fed and other academics have puzzled over how the longstanding correlations between unemployment & inflation have unraveled in the years since the financial crisis. Americans are working longer hours than ever before. Yet, wage growth remains stagnant,…

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