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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Time To Rethink Economics (Part 2)

Job-creation is and always has been a massive priority of governments worldwide. In 2012, the World Bank claimed 600 million new jobs needed to be created over the next fifteen years. In this connection, here is a classic quote from 1933: “A war would be a great idea…Another war would give our three million unemployed…

Time To Rethink Economics (Part 1)

As of Thursday, some twenty-six and a half million people were said to be unemployed in the United States. Can this be true? How about no one is unemployed? No one. if that sounds an odd thing to say, here is something even weirder. The United States is threatening to ban the import of Saudi…

Boris Risks U.S. Relationship, Trade Deals as PM Scraps International Trips

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is said to be putting Britain’s future trade deals at risk by delaying international trips. The prime minister is particularly at risk of further isolating U.S. President Donald Trump by postponing a U.S. trip which had been pencilled in for next month, putting it off until June. Johnson has already reportedly…

Can The Coronavirus End The Trade War?

Authored by Bruce Tandle via The American Institute for Economic Research, CNN headline read: “China halves tariffs on $75 billion of US Goods as Coronavirus Outbreak Escalates.” Once again, it seems, a deadly virus is accelerating a daunting achievement - in this case, one that has frustrated U.S.- China trade negotiators for more than a year. Bruised…

Boris Tells ‘Juvenile Anti-Americans’ in Britain to ‘Grow up and Get a Grip’

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson equated claims that Britain’s National Health Service was going to be sold to the United States with conspiracy theories like Elvis being alive on Mars in a Brexit speech emphasising the benefits of global trade. The comments were part of Boris Johnson’s first speech on trade since the United Kingdom…

Economist Slams ‘Insignificant’ Trade Deal With China

Donald Trump and Chinese Vice Premier Liu signed the Phase 1 trade deal on Wednesday.The mainstream was generally bullish on the news, but there was some underlying concern because the deal did not bring substantive tariff relief.Peter Schiff broke down the deal in his latest podcast, saying that despite all the hype, the deal was…

China Sending Top Trade Negotiator to U.S. To Sign Phase-One Deal Next Week

BEIJING (AP) — China’s economy czar will visit Washington next week for the signing of an interim trade deal, the government said Thursday. Vice Premier Liu He, Beijing’s chief envoy in talks with Washington over their tariff war, had been expected to attend the signing but the Commerce Ministry’s statement was the first official confirmation.…

Trade War a Massive Distraction For Central Banks’ Disaster Policies

In a world without constant manipulation and disinformation most economic and geopolitical events would happen spontaneously and randomly.Things would be more unexpected, but at least they would make life fascinating and interesting, and often there would be positive outcomes. Unfortunately, this is not the world we live in. Our world is highly micro-managed by global…

US to Limit High-Tech Exports to China, Russia Over National Security Concerns

Senator slams Commerce Department over not acting fast enough Officials in the Trump administration are putting the final touches on a new set of rules that would limit exports of advanced technology to adversaries like China and Russia, reported Reuters.A document, first seen by Reuters, outlines how the Commerce Department is finalizing the first batch…

The Trade War Is Over, Long Live The Trade War

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Market & Portfolio Positioning Review “The ‘Trade War’ Is Dead…Long Live The ‘Trade War.'” On Friday, “Phase One” of the “Trade Deal” was agreed to, with the Trump Administration originally stating that “Phase Two” would not begin until after the 2020 election. Then reality set in.  Since 2018, President Trump has come to understand that if…
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