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Thursday, August 18, 2022

FX Traders Brace For The “Unthinkable”: An Election With No Clear Winner

With various polls showing Joe Biden commanding a sizable lead over Donald Trump ahead of the November presidential election, and even online betting sites such as PredictIt representing Biden as a 14 point favorite, the stock market has clearly been surprisingly sanguine about a change in leadership to a Democratic president, even if it entails…

Traders React To The Death Of The Longest Bull Market In History

After a record 11-year, 357% surge off the March 6th, 2009 lows, The Dow Jones Industrial Average's longest bull-run in history came to an end today (two days after its 11th birthday) with its first 20% - bear market - drop. In fact, the 19-day collapse is the fastest peak-to-bear-market crash in the history of…

Traders Now Betting On Two March Rate Cuts As OIS Craters

With Chritsine Lagarde blowing up the market's hopes for an emergency coordinated central bank rate cut, traders have decided to switch to the "stick" approach, and instead of asking nicely for another bailout from the Fed, they have decided to force one through. As a result, even as the latest overnight index swaps are cratering…

Options Traders Showing No Fear

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, A historically high percentage of stock option trades are betting on higher prices. Whatever “wall of worry” that has served as a tailwind for stock prices of late has been completely demolished. At least, according to data from the options market. And unlike the UM survey that we highlighted last week wherein consumers…

Traders Pointing To This News Out Of China As Selloff Catalyst

It's unclear exactly what triggered the sudden waterfall in markets - most notably Nasdaq and the major momo tech names - but some are suggesting headlines from China's Global Times on iPhone sales collapsing could have been the catalyst. Just before 11amET, Global Times tweeted the following... Due to #COVID19 outbreak, #Apple's iPhone sales in…

Frenzied Traders Send Option Volumes To All Time High; Go All-In Tesla, Tech Calls

Trading stocks (or even fractions of stocks) is so 2019: 2020 is all about options. With prices of underlying securities soaring to never before seen levels and market momentum back if only for a handful of megatech stocks, investors have decided that the best way to get rich quick is by splurging on options and…

How TV Affects Traders

Authored by Bilal Hafeez via MacroHive.com, You’d think traders are so focused on making money they pay little attention to TV. But that’s not the conclusion of Joel Peress and Daniel Schmidt in their recently published Journal of Finance paper, Glued to the TV: Distracted Noise Traders and Stock Market Liquidity. They find that sensational, non-market…

Options Traders Abandon Hedges

Via Dana Lyons' Tumblr, Following the recent stock market breakout, stock options traders have significantly trimmed their hedges. With the popular stock indices hanging near all-time highs for most of the year, one might think that stock sentiment would be extremely bullish. However, among the indicators that we monitor, we have observed very little evidence…

Traders Are “Playing With Fire”

Authored by Sven Henrich via NorthmanTrader.com, This week’s renewed move above 3,000 on $SPX prompted victory laps by bulls as the multiple expansion program inspired by central bank intervention and trade optimism once again dominated the market action. Whether these victory laps were justified or were rather pre-mature remains to be seen. From my perch…

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