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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Judge Blocks Transgender Bathroom Sign Law In Tennessee

July 09, 2021 10:18 PM ET A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction Friday, stalling the implementation of a Tennessee law regulating transgender bathrooms. The law signed by Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee stipulates, among other things, that bold, uppercase letter signage must be posted outside multi-person bathrooms where transgender individuals are allowed to use the…

L.A. Times Defends ‘Male-appearing Genitalia’ at Spa with Women, Girls

The Los Angeles Times editorial board has defended the idea of allowing transgender women — who are biologically male — to display their “male-appearing genitalia” in the women’s section of the Wi Spa, a Korean landmark in L.A. The Wi Spa is one of several Korean spas in the Koreatown neighborhood. Traditionally, whole families attend the…

‘Chestfeeding’?: Inside The Left’s War On Medical Terminology

The left is attempting to erase gendered terms in an effort, they say, that would promote inclusivity.  The war reached so far to include adopting more gender-neutral phrasing on menstruation products. Pam England, a psychologist and former nurse, wrote Birthing From Within in 1998, and has argued that all kinds of people give birth. “Women…

Protest Erupts Following Alleged Penis Exposure By Transgender Woman At Spa

Tensions boiled over Saturday outside of a Los Angeles spa during a protest in response to the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s penis in an all-woman’s wet spa section. A woman complained to Wi Spa over the alleged exposure of a transgender woman’s genitals in front of women and children in a viral Instagram…

Taxpayers Will Now Pay for Transgender Veterans’ ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery 

President Joe Biden’s Veteran Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough said the federal government now is in the business of helping veterans undergo surgery to alter their biological sex. McDonough said in prepared remarks that the Department of Veteran Affairs will move to make “gender reassignment” surgery available to veterans. This is in stark contrast to the…

Committee to Address Safety of Transgender ‘Males,’ ‘Females’ Not Women Facing Sexual Assault Behind...

Officials in Pittsburg are worried about the safety of transgender inmates in Allegheny County Jail and are forming a committee that includes two people who reject their biological sex to address the issue. Jail staff and members of the prison’s oversight committee will also sit on the committee. The taxpayer-funded affiliate of National Public Radio…

Transgender: ‘60 Minutes’ Draws Fire from Left for Highlighting ‘Detransitioners’

CBS News’ 60 Minutes has drawn the ire of LGBTQ activists following its segment Sunday night on transgender youth. The program spent a fair amount of time interviewing young people who regretted transitioning and attempted to reverse the process, as well as those who question the ethics of the transgender health industry. 60 Minutes highlights…

‘Shame!’: USA Today Under Fire After Posting Op-Ed Critical of Trans Athletes

The heads of many leftists exploded Saturday after a Connecticut girl wrote an op-ed published in USA Today in which she talked of how unfair it was that she and other natural-born girls were beaten out for track and field scholarships by boys claiming to be transgender girls. A young woman named Chelsea Mitchell began…

NCAA Caves, Will Allow States Who Place Restrictions on Trans Athletes to Host Events

The NCAA made loud proclamations in April that it could pull events from states with limits on transgender athletes. Still, now the college sports governing body has caved and will allow tournaments in states including Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas despite their laws restricting trans athletes. The NCAA sided with transgender athletes only last month, saying they…

Spanish Politician Suspended From Twitter For Saying ‘A Man Cannot Get Pregnant’

Twitter temporarily suspended a Spanish politician for “hate speech” after saying that “a man cannot get pregnant” on May 11. Francisco José Contreras, the deputy to Spain’s far-right Vox Party, was suspended from twitter for 12 hours after responding to an article about a transgender woman having a baby replying that a man has “neither a…
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