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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Fact Check: Kamala Harris Repeats False ‘Muslim Ban’ Claim

Justin Sullivan / Getty CLAIM: Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) claimed that President Donald Trump “instituted, as his first act, a ‘Muslim ban’.” VERDICT: FALSE. Trump’s travel ban was not a “Muslim ban” and has since been upheld by the Supreme Court. In attacking Trump for ostensibly not condemning white supremacists — a false claim that…

Fact Check: Joe Biden Promises to Repeal Non-existent ‘Muslim Ban’

CLAIM: President Donald Trump ordered a “Muslim ban” — one that Joe Biden will repeal if he is elected president. VERDICT: FALSE. There is no such “Muslim ban,” and there never was. Trump’s travel ban is legal and constitutional. Former Vice President Joe Biden promised Muslim voters at an event called “Million Muslim Votes” on…

As Military Personnel Resume International Travel, Airline Policies Might Require They Leave Pets Behind

Bree A. Dail Veteran US Naval Surface Warfare Officer. Internationally Accredited Journalist (USPA), contributing to many publications, including AP, National Catholic Register, The Catholic Herald, Catholic World Report, LifeSite News, along with appearances on new media outlets. Previously co-hosted and produced a weekly show, Power & Patriots with New York Time's Best Selling Author and…

President Trump: ‘We Are Considering’ A Travel Ban On Brazil As Coronavirus Cases Skyrocket

President Donald Trump said during a Tuesday cabinet meeting that he is considering a travel ban on Brazil after the country reached the third-highest number of coronavirus cases in the world.  “We hope that we’re not going to have a problem,” the president said, noting that in Florida, which has the largest population of Brazilian…

Report: 40K Land in U.S. from China Since Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Ban

Nearly 40,000 people have landed in the United States from China on almost 280 flights since President Donald Trump’s February 2 travel ban on mainland China, a collection of travel data reveals. A New York Times report details flight records collected from China-based VariFlight and U.S.-based MyRadar and FlightAware that show a continued flow of arrivals from…

UK’s Coronavirus Death Toll Doubles In 24 Hours

March 14, 2020 4:28 PM ET The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United Kingdom doubled between Friday and Saturday as the number of cases rose by the hundreds overnight. Between Friday and Saturday, the U.K. suffered 10 coronavirus deaths, raising the nation’s death toll to 21, the Guardian reports. All of the 10…

Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Bans Successfully Keep Hundreds Out of U.S.

President Trump’s travel bans on China and Iran have been critically effective in ensuring that Chinese nationals, Iranian nationals, and recent foreign travelers to each of the two countries are not allowed into the interior of the United States in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. On January 31, Trump announced a travel ban on…

Biden’s Coronavirus Plan: No Travel Bans on Any Countries, Allow Welfare-Dependent Immigration to U.S.

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s plan to combat the coronavirus in the United States does not include a single travel ban on any foreign country and revamps welfare-dependent legal immigration to the U.S. that President Trump’s administration has sought to end. On Thursday, Biden unveiled a series of measures to fight the coronavirus but did…

Joe Biden’s ‘Combat Coronavirus’ Plan Does Not Mention China

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s plan to combat the Wuhan, China-originated coronavirus does not at all mention China or the city of Wuhan. On Thursday, Biden released his agenda to “combat coronavirus” but failed to mention China’s role in the global spread of the virus. Not once in the detailed plan does Biden mention China…

Coronavirus: Trump Bans Travel from Europe, Democrats Seek Open Borders

President Trump issued a travel ban on the continent of Europe for at least 30 days while House and Senate Democrats push to dismantle his authority to enact such life-saving immigration restrictions. On Wednesday evening, Trump announced a travel ban on all European residents attempting to come to the U.S. over the next 30 days.…

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