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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Watch Live: Trump’s “Rushed & Rigged” Senate Impeachment Trial Begins

Following yesterday's unveiling of a compressed impeachment timeline that will give Democrats just two days to make their impeachment case, the media circus that will be President Trump's impeachment trial is about to begin. According to Senate rules, the trial session will begin at 1 pm in Washington, when Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Michael Stenger is expected…

Could Trump’s Next Fed Chair Be A “Goldbug”?

Authored by Tho Bishop via The Mises Institute, This week, Donald Trump formally nominated Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller for vacant governorships on the Federal Reserve. Waller, the Vice President of the Richmond Fed, is widely viewed as a standard Fed nominee with the reputation of being a "dove" who has criticized recent interest rate hikes. It…

Are Trump’s Incentives About To Change

Submitted by Adventures in Capitalism Three weeks ago, I did the unforgivable and waded into US politics. I apologize, but I am about to do so again. Fortunately for all of us, I’ll keep my thoughts specifically to the stock market. Say what you will about Trump, he has had only one goal for the…

Trump’s Great Gamble

Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, President Donald Trump’s reelection hopes hinge on two things: the state of the economy in 2020 and the identity of the Democratic nominee. The further left the Democrats go to select their candidate, the greater the probability Trump wins a second term. Thus Trump got good news this week.…

Here Is What Trump’s Mysterious “European Trade Announcement” Will Be About

Global markets are reeling Friday morning after President Trump announced his plan to slap 10% tariffs on the remaining ~$300 billion in Chinese imports, sparking fears that the world's two largest economies would hunker down for a prolonged and destabilizing trade war. But adding to the market's anxieties, journalists noticed an entry on President Trump's…

Trump’s Huawei Reprieve Is A National Security Debacle

Authored by Gordon Chang via The Gatestone Institute, Tuesday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross outlined the scope of exemptions to be granted to sales and licenses to Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom giant. At the end of last month, President Donald Trump publicly promised to give the Chinese company a reprieve from newly implemented U.S. restrictions. Trump's move, announced after…

Trump’s Citizenship Quiz Shouldn’t be Controversial. Obama Deleting It Would possibly perhaps perhaps peaceful’ve...

Authored by Ian Miles Cheong via HumanEvents.com, President Trump’s citizenship question on the upcoming U.S. census is, contrary to popular opinion, the norm for the decennial survey. Barack Obama was the first President to exclude a question on citizenship in the U.S. Census. But today, the Trump administration is being assailed from the Left for…

Trump’s Relationship To Russia & China: A Revival Of The Henry Wallace Doctrine?

Authored by Matthew Ehret via The Strategic Culture Foundation, During the course of the G20 important agreements and alliances were reached between Russia-China and the USA which indicate that President Trump is not “just another neo-con” as some of his cynical detractors have claimed, but is actually working to re-orient the United States into a…
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