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Friday, September 17, 2021

Marjorie Taylor Greene Suspended From Twitter Over Vaccine Claims

Twitter suspended Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday for violating its COVID-19 misinformation policy. Greene’s account was limited to “read-only mode” for one week after she posted a tweet claiming vaccines and masks do not reduce the spread of COVID-19, a Twitter spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The spokesperson said Greene’s…

Twitter Suspends Journalist Who Repeated CDC Fact On Vaccines

Authored by Jonathan Turley,Greg Piper writers for the news site Just The News and recently decided to share a story from The College Fix, where he was previously an editor. The story included the line “Vaccines are not safe for everyone.”That line appears to have prompted Twitter to suspend his account despite the fact that some people have…

AP, Reuters Sign Deal To Help Twitter Decide What’s True

August 02, 2021 6:08 PM ET The Associated Press and Reuters signed a deal with Twitter to help them “elevate credible information,” the social media site and the outlets announced Monday. Twitter said in a blog post that the outlets would help in providing context to trending content and identifying potentially misleading information. The outlets…

“And the love of many will grow cold…” [Video]

We were told this would happen. In fact, we were told many times, by the likes of no one less than Jesus Christ himself, but this quote gives a lot of detail since it was later stated, during the fourth century of the Christian era: A monk once asked Abba Pambo, “Is it true, Abba,…

Twitter Suspends Election Audit Accounts as Dems Begin January 6 Hearings

Twitter has suspended several accounts focused on ballot audits in the states of Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin on the same day that that Congress begins partisan Democrat-led select committee hearings on the events of January 6th. The suspensions occurred on the same day, and affected the accounts of @ArizonaAudit, @Audit_PA, @AuditGeorgia, @AuditNevada, @AuditWisconsin,…

Twitter Suspends 2020 Election Audit Accounts For Multiple States

Twitter on Tuesday banned several accounts linked to official 2020 election audits, including Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania.JUST IN - Twitter has just suspended the official Arizona Audit and Audit War Room accounts. pic.twitter.com/R4hOXqflHa — Disclose.tv ? (@disclosetv) July 27, 2021Contractors with Cyber Ninjas in Phoenix examine and recount ballots cast in the 2020 general election…

Women Fight On A Plane In Absurd Viral Video

Some women apparently thought getting into a brawl on a plane was a great idea. In a video tweeted by @lasvegasscoop1, two women decided to trade shots on a flight from Vegas to Atlanta, and the footage is downright absurd. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes) Give it a watch below. Of all…

MSNBC Legal Analyst McQuade: Trump’s Big Tech Lawsuit Is ‘Dead on Arrival’ — It’s...

MSNBC legal analyst Barbara McQuade said on Wednesday on “Katy Tur Reports” that former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit challenging his Twitter and Facebook bans were “dead on arrival.” Guest-anchor Geoff Bennett asked, “Barbara, it strikes me if this suit is not dismissed, it is going to be opening up Donald trump to discovery, and Facebook…

Facebook wants you to report extremists in your friends and family [Video]

What is an extremist? These days, this term is becoming rather subjective. For the Democrat in 2021, extremists include: Trump supporters Dedicated and serious Christian believers Proponents of traditional family structures and values Conservatives For the Conservative / Republican in the same period, some of us might consider these people and groups extremists: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez…

Excellent citizen journalism as SpaceX enthusiast calls out Orwellian Government [Video]

YouTube has gotten into the practice of silencing dissent against Joe the Evil Grandpa, also known locally as “The Imposter”, and dissent against Kama-ha-ha-ha-la Ha-ha-ha-hystericarris (How is this title?) as well as silencing President Trump himself and his supporters. A recent piece I posted about President Trump’s reemergence into the public spotlight has likely been…

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