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Human Smugglers Leave Injured Migrant to Die in California Canyon

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a Mexican migrant after he injured his leg in a canyon past the California border with Mexico. Human smugglers abandoned the man after he suffered a “severe leg injury” and left him to die. San Diego Sector agents received a distress call regarding a man stranded in Copper…

Dangerous Human Smuggling Attempt Disrupted in Texas near Border

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended 17 migrants being smuggled in a hidden compartment within a flatbed truck. The agents also arrested the driver, a U.S. citizen. Freer Station agents assigned to an immigration checkpoint observed a flatbed commercial truck approaching for inspection on February 7. The agents reported the truck was loaded with cement…

Chief Brian Hastings Takes Command of Nation’s Busiest Border Sector

Border Patrol officials announced this week that Chief Patrol Agent Brian Hastings will serve as the chief patrol agent of the nation’s busiest sector. Hastings is completing a tour as chief of the Law Enforcement Operations Directorate at Border Patrol headquarters in Washington, D.C. Newly appointed Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott appointed Chief Brian Hastings…

Border Patrol Union VP Reveals How Many Democratic Presidential Candidates He Has Met With...

Editorial Comments February 02, 2020 1:38 PM ET Font Size: Zero Democratic presidential candidates have reached out to the National Border Patrol Council to learn more about the issues plaguing the southern border, according to the vice president of the union, Art Del Cueto. This may come as no surprise considering many of the candidates…

Honduran Man Convicted for Assault After Getting Shot by Border Patrol Agents

A federal jury in Del Rio, Texas, convicted a previously deported Honduran illegal alien for assaulting two U.S. Border Patrol agents in 2018. The agents were forced to shoot the man in self-defense. In September 2018, Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents attempted to arrest a Honduran man, later identified as 49-year-old Leivin Pineda, after…

Graphic Exclusive Video: Texas Border County Medical Examiner’s Painstaking Efforts to Identify, Store Deceased...

LAREDO, Texas — One Texas border county medical examiner’s office faces the overwhelming task of storing, autopsying, and identifying the remains of migrants who die while or after crossing into the U.S. The office serves a 12-county area and processes more than half of all migrant deaths in Texas. Webb County Medical Examiner Dr. Corinne…

Mexican Gulf Cartel-Connected Smugglers Ram U.S. Border Patrol Vehicle in Texas

An alleged drug smuggler connected to the Gulf Cartel rammed a U.S. Border Patrol agent’s marked patrol vehicle with his pickup truck as he attempted to avoid arrest. The incident occurred near the Texas border with Mexico. “Criminals have zero regard for human life and our dedicated agents are the first line of defense,” Rio…

Migrants Marked and Tagged Like Cattle Found in Tractor-Trailer in Texas near Border

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents discovered a large group of migrants locked in the cargo area of a tractor-trailer during an inspection at an immigration checkpoint. Agents said the migrants’ shirts were marked in a fashion similar to “cargo and commodities.” Laredo North Station Border Patrol agents assigned to the Interstate 35 Immigration Checkpoint observed…

Exclusive Video: Migrant Woman Let Smugglers Rape Her to Protect Daughter, Says Border Patrol...

EAGLE PASS, Texas — Del Rio Sector Division Chief of Operations Randy Clark discussed the treatment of migrants by cartel-connected human smugglers. The chief recalled an incident where a recently apprehended migrant woman said she let smugglers rape her to protect her daughter. During a recent roundtable discussion between Del Rio Sector officials and Breitbart…

22 Migrants Rescued in California Wilderness near Border

San Diego Sector Border Patrol agents rescued 22 migrants from California wilderness areas during a 24-hour period ending on Friday. The rescues followed the onset of bad weather in the area. At about noon on Friday, the San Diego Sheriff’s Department received a distress call from a migrant woman and her 16-year-old daughter. The mother…

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