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Monday, November 18, 2019

American Renewal: The Kids Are Right: Our Economic System And The Threats To Freedom

September 15, 2019 4:19 PM ET The internet is filled with explanations for why millennials are turning to socialism in droves. They’re ungrateful and greedy, they don’t understand what it is, Instagram makes us covet other people’s stuff, or, my personal favorite, millennials pick dumb and unemployable majors in the liberal arts when they should…

The Misguided Attacks on ‘This Land Is Your Land’

Woody Guthrie might not have been perfect, but we don’t need to “cancel” him, writes Will Kaufman. Woody Guthrie. (Al Aumuller/Library of Congress)By Will KaufmanThe Conversation  In recent years, Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Your Land” has become a rallying cry for immigrants. And in July, after President Donald Trump tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen…

Long Before Epstein: Sex Traffickers & Spy Agencies

Elizabeth Vos reviews the unsavory history of intelligence agencies providing protection to child sex-trafficking rings.   Jeffrey Epstein’s compound in the Virgin Islands. (YouTube) By Elizabeth VosSpecial to Consortium News The alleged use of sexual blackmail by spy agencies is hardly unique to the case of Jeffrey Epstein. Although the agencies involved as well as…

The Missing Howls of Denunciation Over Major Sex Trafficking

Michael Brenner considers the dearth of #MeToo outrage at the foul activities of the 25-year-long Epstein-Maxwell operation. (Alec Perkins, CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia Commons) By Michael Brenner Why have the howls of outrage not echoed through the media? Why has the trumpet’s call to action been silent?  Why haven’t the halls of Congress resounded with denunciation and the demands for justice. Sexual trafficking…

The Pseudo Debate Over Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide

Death, sex, power, intrigue, murder, suicide — these are the staples of the 19th century penny press, mass media and the CIA, writes Edward Curtin. By Edward Curtinedwardcurtin.com  When phrases such as “the deep state” and “conspiracy theory” become staples of both the corporate mainstream media and the alternative press, we know the realities behind these phrases…

US Backs Xenophobia & Mob Violence in Hong Kong

The ferociously anti-Chinese network behind the demonstrations has been cultivated with the help of U.S. funding and a Washington-linked local media tycoon, reports Dan Cohen.   By Dan Cohen   The Grayzone President Donald Trump tweeted on August 13 that he “can’t imagine why” the United States has been blamed for the chaotic protests that have gripped Hong…

Hong Kong in Crosshairs of Global Power Struggle

The U.S. and other Western powers are working to preserve a capitalist dystopia and manufacture consensus for long-term conflict with China, write Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers. Hong Kong protesters waving U.S. flags last week. (YouTube) By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers PopularResistance.org Hong Kong is one of the most extreme examples of big finance, neoliberal capitalism in the…

Trump’s Persian-Gulf Car Crash

Trump has taken an insane U.S. policy towards Iran and make it even crazier, writes Daniel Lazare. By Daniel LazareSpecial to Consortium News Traffic accidents normally take just a second or two.  But the coming collision in the Persian Gulf, the equivalent of a hundred-vehicle pile-up on a fog-bound interstate, has been in the works for…

THE ANGRY ARAB: Armies & Politics in the Middle East

As`ad AbuKhalil reviews Middle East rulers’ reasons for distrusting their own militaries.    King Hussein of Jordan among his troops, March 1957. (Wikimedia Commons) By As`ad AbuKhalilSpecial to Consortium News A close association between armies and politics has pertained in the Middle East for a long while. Army leaders have led many Arab countries in…

Mass Shootings in the White Noise of Anywhere USA

Phil Rockstroh muses on how the impulse to possess an unlimited number of firearms fits into the late-imperium scheme of things.   Tucson, Arizona, shopping center where U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and more than a dozen others were victims of a shooting attack on Jan. 8, 2011. (Steve Karp, CC BY 3.0, Wikimedia Commons) By Phil…
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