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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Fact Check: Biden Claims No One Brought Up Concerns About Burisma During Impeachment Inquiry

CLAIM: Joe Biden claimed during the final presidential debate that no witnesses in the House impeachment inquiry testified anything was wrong with his son Hunter Biden working for a Ukrainian natural gas firm while he was vice president and the point person on Ukraine. VERDICT: FALSE. A State Department career diplomat testified that he was…

Joe Biden Walks Off When Questioned About FBI Seizing Son’s Laptop

Joe Biden is still refusing to discuss an exposé by the New York Post alleging the former vice president’s youngest son, Hunter, leveraged his ties to the Obama administration for the benefit of a Ukrainian natural gas conglomerate. The Democrat nominee, who has long struggled to explain his son’s overseas business deals, was asked about…

Joe Biden Lashes Out at CBS Reporter for Asking About Hunter Biden Emails: ‘I...

Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden refused to explicitly respond to the bombshell emails obtained by the New York Post, alleging a direct link between the then-vice president and his son Hunter’s lucrative business dealings with Ukrainian gas conglomerate Burisma. When Biden was leaving Michigan Friday night, CBS Reporter Bo Erickson asked him about the story…

Congressman: FBI Must Launch ‘Criminal Investigation’ into Biden Family

Rep. Lee Zeldin (NY), the top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, called Friday for the Justice Department and the FBI to open a “criminal investigation” into the Biden family after reports that Hunter Biden used connections to his father when he was vice president when doing lucrative overseas business…

Fitton: State Dept Officials Were Skeptical About Christopher Steele Reports

We have now received 48 pages of emails among top Obama State Department officials and a U.S. Ambassador expressing skepticism about Steele reports by Steele’s London-based private intelligence firm Orbis Business Intelligence. Steele was the author of the Clinton-funded, anti-Trump dossier. One assistant secretary of state says some of Steele’s reports sound “extreme” and others “do not…

Who really started the war in Ukraine?

During the years of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, the UN counted 3,367 civilian casualties. Among them are children, whose future will never come because of a shell fired 40 kilometers away. This is exactly the range of destruction of the Grad multiple launch rocket systems, which were actively used in the midst of…

Ukraine Probes Likely Murder Of US Embassy Staffer In Kiev Park

Ukrainian authorities are investigating the shocking and mysterious death of a US Embassy employee on Wednesday.  So far all that is known is that a woman was found lying unconscious near railroad tracks in a park near the city center, apparently the victim of a brutal attack, given she had a head injury, according to…

What is the status of Ukraine’s relations with NATO?

Recently, the United States again submitted a bill granting Ukraine the status of the main US ally outside NATO. Earlier, Washington refused to grant Kiev such a status. On June 2, 2020, NATO granted Ukraine the status of an Enhanced Opportunities Partner. Should such a steps be viewed as an increase in Ukraine’s role in the…

Senate to release Biden Report on Joe & Hunter Ukraine quid pro quo, days...

From what I’ve seen and read Joe Biden behaved like some kind of Roman proconsul whilst Ukraine,with dictates to quash investigations into certain alleged corruption,that Biden’s son was given a job on a energy company with a fat salary that he was Not qualified for “allegedly”, probably if a journalist did mention these issues they…

SHOCKING HUNTER BIDEN report details possible extortion risks & ties to China & Ukraine

Via Just the News (https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/senate-report-slams-bidens-conflicts-interest-flags)… The long-awaited joint report by the GOP-led Senate Homeland and Government Affairs and Senate Finance Committees delivered several blockbuster revelations less than two months before Election Day, suggesting Obama administration officials ignored clear warning signs about ethical conflicts and possible extortion risks involving Joe Biden’s family. Perhaps the most explosive…

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