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Biden shuts down COVID-19 “lab origination” investigation. Why? [Video]

Joe Biden says he wants the origins of COVID-19 to be thoroughly investigated. Just not by the Trump-appointed team. No, he says, let the World Health Organization conduct it. He means that World Health Organization… the one that played duck-and-cover for China when the virus first started its rampage in Wuhan, giving enough shade to that…

‘Keep That Between Us’: Hunter Set Up Meeting Between Then-VP Biden, His Shady Business...

Joe Biden, as vice president, reportedly met his son’s business partners from Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan in Washington, DC, over dinner in 2015. The revelation, made by the New York Post Wednesday, further fuels suspicions that the elder Biden likely knew of his son’s business activities overseas, despite the president’s repeated claims of ignorance of his…

Crimean issue in the context of double standards

On May 19, the US Congress approved a bill banning the US administration from defining Crimea as a legal part of the Russian Federation. This is not surprising: denial of the legality of the Crimean referendum by the countries of the “collective West” is another card in the global game of confrontation between these countries…

U.S. And Its Allies Try to Split The World in Two

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture America’s response to the increasing economic success of China and other nations that until recent decades were impoverished former colonies is to organize its own allies — especially the English-speaking countries — to become a totally separate global economic trading and military alliance standing against that “third world”…

Glenn Diesen: The end of strategic ambiguity? America has finally stopped pretending it would...

As The Duran has stated numerous times in their videos and specifically in the videos from the YouTube channel of Alexander Mercouris, there will be no Ukrainian offensive against Donbass. This would be a disaster for Ukraine, and they would suffer a devastating defeat. Professor Glenn Diesen reminds us that there is no alliance between…

Analysis: intervention in Ukraine could be suicide for US [Video]

The following is a translation of Alexander Belov’s piece that appears on Regnum, a Russian site. We have made every effort to ensure the translation is accurate, and have added no emphases to it. —————- Historian and philosopher Arnold J. Toynbee argued that great empires die by suicide, not murder. If the United States is…

Russia Increases Its Defense, While U.S. Backs Down From Provoking WW III

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at Strategic Culture Ever since Joe Biden became America’s President in January, America’s hostile and threatening actions and rhetoric against (as Biden refers to him) the ‘killer’ Vladimir Putin, Russia’s President, have made clear to Putin that the U.S. Government’s determination to impose regime-change upon Russia will continue undiminished. This hostility…

Zelensky Visits Paris, Speaks With Macron and Merkel, Macron Wants Call to Putin

Zelensky Visits Paris, Speaks With Macron and Merkel, Macron Wants Call to Putin News Topic 118 France expects signals from Russia to de-escalate Ukrainian conflict – foreign minister France expects signals from Russia to de-escalate Ukrainian conflict – foreign minister PARIS, April 18. / TASS /. France is committed to ironing out the crisis in…

Russia Counter Sanctions US, Hints at Action against US Big Tech; Visa, Mastercard

Russia Counter Sanctions US, Hints at Action against US Big Tech; Visa, Mastercard News Topic 117 Foreign Ministry statement on measures in response to hostile US actions Заявление МИД России об ответных мерах в связи с враждебными действиями США Предпринятый Администрацией Дж.Байдена очередной выпад против нашей страны, разумеется, не может оставаться без ответа. В Вашингтоне,…

Steve Turley weighs in on Ukraine – Russia “Conflict” [Video]

We want to present Dr Steve Turley, who speaks here about the “war drums” beating in Western media, offering us a new war between the Russian Federation and Ukraine. He does an excellent job describing the situation (though, admittedly, we could pick at a few particular issues I think he does not have correct). He…
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