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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

New York’s First-In-Nation Vaccine Passport Is Super Easy To Fake: REPORT

It takes less than 15 minutes to obtain fake credentials through New York’s recently launched vaccine passport program, according to privacy advocate Albert Fox Cahn. Cahn, the executive director of the nonprofit group Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, managed to obtain someone else’s credentials on New York’s Excelsior Pass using nothing more than the person’s Twitter…

Wyoming Governor Signs Born Alive Act

Republican Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon has signed the Born Alive Act into law, legislation that requires doctors to care for babies born alive in botched abortions. Senate File 34, which passed the Wyoming House 48-11, requires doctors to use “commonly accepted means of care” for “the treatment of any infant born alive.” (RELATED: New Utah…

Climate Change, Housing, Schools: Here’s Where Much Of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Will Be Spent

President Joe Biden’s roughly $2 trillion infrastructure plan allocates hundreds of billions of dollars toward improving the nation’s transportation networks, buildings and utilities, but also devotes enormous sums of money to causes that are only tangentially related to public works projects. The sweeping package grants massive subsidies to electric vehicle and renewable energy companies in…

New Utah Law Requires Biological Fathers To Pay 50% Of Mother’s Pregnancy Costs

A new Utah law will require the father of an unborn baby to pay half of the costs of the pregnancy. HB 113 requires that the father of the unborn baby pay 50% of the mother’s insurance premiums during the pregnancy, as well as “pregnancy-related medical costs, including the hospital birth of the child, that…

U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center: The Common Traits Of School Shooters

The U.S. Secret Service National Threat Assessment Center recently released a report on targeted school violence that didn’t seem to get much attention from the media. After reading it, we can understand why, as it doesn’t easily fit into the standard legacy media paradigm of exploiting tragedy to “prove” that guns are bad, and we need new…

Gov. DeSantis Declares State Of Emergency In Florida County Over Toxic Wastewater Leak

April 04, 2021 5:32 PM ET Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency Saturday for Manatee County, Fla. after a breach of toxic water from a reservoir at the old Piney Point phosphate plant. The leak in the pond that originally contained 480 million gallons of contaminated water poses “imminent hazard” to…

CCW Weekend: Pros And Cons Of Weapon Mounted Light Vs. Flashlight

By Sam Hoober,  Alien Gear Holsters By now, everyone knows you need to be able to identify a potential threat. The question is should you add a weapon-mounted light to your carry gun or just carry a flashlight? Newbies or even experienced gun owners can find themselves in the position of wondering which is better…

EXCLUSIVE: Vehicular Jihad Attack At The Capitol on Passover and Good Friday

Latest Update: Noah Green, 25 year old black male from Indiana, was a follower of Louis Farrakhan. Farrakhan is the leader of a terrorist organization known as the Nation of Islam, and a black supremacist. Many with this extremist ideology have a deep rooted hate for Christians and Jews alike. They are no fans of…

Gun Test: Kimber K6s DASA 4″ Combat Revolver

Kimber America is commonly credited as making some of the finest production M1911 handguns and bolt-action rifles on the market. But, in 2016, the company decided to branch out into a completely new arena—revolvers. That initial product, the compact K6s, was an instant success on the concealed carry market, but it left the consumer wanting a…

Watch This Artist’s Terrified Reaction When A Shark Swims Underneath Him

April 02, 2021 6:02 PM ET A French artist shrieked when he realized a shark was swimming below him in the Maldives, according to a video from Jam Press shared by the New York Post Friday. People yelled to Thibault Garcia, the 30-year-old artist, as the shark swam closer towards him, the video showed. Garcia…
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