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Thursday, June 30, 2022

Unfit To Print Episode 35: WaPo Reporters Appear To Celebrate Impeachment

President Donald Trump was impeached by the Democratic-led House of Representatives this week, and the media couldn’t get enough. Some gloated about how there would forever be an “asterisk” next to the president’s name, while a group of Washington Post reporters enjoyed their “Merry Impeachmas” with pints of Guinness and spinach and artichoke dip. (RELATED: ‘Merry…

Unfit To Print Episode 34: IG Report Debunks Media’s Biggest Lies

The IG report on FISA abuse finally dropped this week, and the media is still reeling from all of the lies it uncovered. In this special episode of “Unfit to Print,” host Amber Athey is running through the craziest things the media said about Rep. Devin Nunes, the Steele dossier, Carter Page, and more. LISTEN: …

Unfit To Print Episode 32: Media Scrambles To Retract Obama’s Immigration Record

Media outlets discovered they received misleading data from the UN this week, but instead of correcting their stories, they erased them entirely. On this week’s episode of Unfit to Print, Amber Athey explains why AFP and Reuters retracted articles claiming the U.S. has 100,000 children in migrant detention centers after they found out that statistic…

Unfit To Print Episode 31: Leftist Media Launches Sexist Attacks On Republican Women

The Democrats started their open impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump this week, and based on the way the media is lashing out at Republicans, it’s not going well. On this week’s episode of Unfit to Print, host Amber Athey explains the issues with the first round of open hearings against the president and points…

Unfit To Print Episode 30: ABC Chooses Royal Interview Over Taking Down Pedophile Sex...

ABC was exposed this week for killing a story about Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged pedophile ring, which anchor Amy Robach claimed was due to an upcoming interview the network had with the royal family. Project Veritas released the clip this week that showed Robach lamenting the fact that the network apparently stopped her from reporting on…

Unfit To Print Episode 29: Media Excuses Dems Sketchy Secret Impeachment Hearings

The media loves gathering information — that is, until Democrats decide to hold secretive hearings in the impeachment inquiry. Then, the firefighters in the media apparently have no problem reporting based on selective leaks and actually excusing the fact that the American people don’t have the ability to see the transcripts of the people being…

Unfit To Print Episode 23: CNN Posts Abysmal Ratings For 7-Hour Climate Town Hall

September 06, 2019 4:27 PM ET CNN spent seven hours this week with the Democratic presidential candidates, lecturing the American people about plastic straws, hamburgers, and airplanes. The ratings from the climate change town hall proved that people weren’t interested in the climate alarmism promoted by the network. On this week’s episode of “Unfit to…

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