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The UK’s 3.5 Million Chinese-Made Coronavirus Antibody Tests ‘Not Good Enough’ For Use

April 06, 2020 10:15 PM ET The 3.5 million coronavirus antibody test kits that the U.K. ordered from China are “not good enough” for widespread use, the Independent reported Monday. The tests did not pass the evaluation stage and health officials reportedly said that the tests were only able to identify immunity in people who…

UK’s Coronavirus Death Toll Doubles In 24 Hours

March 14, 2020 4:28 PM ET The number of deaths from coronavirus in the United Kingdom doubled between Friday and Saturday as the number of cases rose by the hundreds overnight. Between Friday and Saturday, the U.K. suffered 10 coronavirus deaths, raising the nation’s death toll to 21, the Guardian reports. All of the 10…

Brexit Boost: Nissan Backs Britain, Invests 400m in Sunderland Car Factory

The Nissan Motor Company has announced that it will be doubling down on its investments in the United Kingdom, bucking predictions by anti-Brexiteers that the British car industry would crumble after Brexit. As a part of a £1 billion investment scheme at its British factory in Sunderland, Nissan announced that it has already invested £400…

Scotland: Teen in Serious Condition After Gang of ‘Asian Boys’ Stamp Head in Street

A Scottish teenager is in “serious” condition after a gang of “Asian boys” dragged him into the middle of the road and stamped on his head in the centre of Glasgow. The 16-year-old was was “assaulted by a group of youths who dragged him to the ground and stamped on his head leaving him with serious…

Sky News Anchor Asks if VP Pence, as a Christian, Is Fit for Coronavirus...

Sky News anchor Adam Boulton is under fire for asking whether Vice President Mike Pence is “the right sort of person” to lead anti-coronavirus efforts in the United States because he is a Christian and the pandemic is a “scientific problem”. Boulton, an infamously short-tempered journalist who has been with Britain’s biggest commercial news broadcaster…

Migrant Men Sentenced for ‘Truly Appalling’ Gang Rape in Farnham, England

Two migrant men have been sentenced for the “traumatic” gang rape of a lone woman in Farnham, England. The victim was attacked by Constantin Ionescu (10/06/1983), of Station Hill, and Nicolae Dragoi (02/08/1977), of Crondall Lane, after returning from a night out with family members in London and becoming separated from her husband, according to a Crown Prosecution…

UK Prepares For EU Brexit Deal Negotiations: Legally Separate and Will Walk Away if...

The British government has published its positions for the post-Brexit trade negotiations due to begin with the European Union next week, placing itself on a clearly divergent path from Brussels on the kind of deal envisioned, and the terms it might be struck under. The full extent of the gulf between expectations from the British…

Police: London Mosque Stabbing Suspect a Homeless Man, Not Terror-motivated

LONDON (AP) – A 29-year-old man appeared in court Saturday, charged with stabbing an official at one of London’s biggest mosques during afternoon prayers. Daniel Horton, who is homeless, is charged with grievous bodily harm and possession of a bladed article. Police say they do not think the attack was terrorism-related. Prosecutor Tanyia Dogra said…

Airline Boss: Airport Checks Should Focus on Muslim Men – ‘That Is Where the...

Budget airline boss Michael O’Leary has come under fire from Muslim groups and politicians for suggesting airport security checks should focus on lone Muslim men rather than families with children “because that is where the threat is coming from”. “Who are the bombers? They are going to be single males travelling on their own,” said…

Priti Patel’s ‘Economically Inactive’ Comments Betray UK Govt’s Hostility to Traditional Family

“Almost communist” comments by the Home Secretary that “economically inactive” people should be mobilised into the workplace have underlined the actively hostile policy environment for young families created by the government, and have angered a vocal group of stay-at-home mothers. A fringe discussion around the British immigration policy debate is rapidly turning its focus towards…

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