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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Authorities Say They Discovered 400 Pairs Of Women’s Underwear In Man’s Home After Arrest...

An Alabama man was arrested on July 21 on dozens of charges, including attempted rape and voyeurism, for allegedly breaking into a woman’s house to sexually assault her, according to police. Police said John Thomas Uda, 27, allegedly broken into the house of a female acquaintance and attacked the woman, inflicting minor injuries, the Dothan…

Man In Bubble Running On Water From Florida To New York Washes Up On...

A Florida man “walking on water” in a bubble for charity washed ashore Saturday. Reza Baluchi and his floating contraption washed ashore in Flagler County, Florida. His goal was to run from Florida to Bermuda or even further up the coast to raise money for charity, Fox News reported. “My goal is to not only raise…

Social Media Spreads False Story Of White Police Officer Planting Evidence In Black Man’s...

A video of a traffic stop conducted last Wednesday by the Village of Caledonia Police Department in Caledonia, Wisconsin, went viral over the weekend due to allegations from users on social media that the officer planted a drug baggie on the backseat, however, further footage was left out of the clip. Video filmed and posted…

CDC Is Considering Mask Mandates For Vaccinated Americans, Fauci Says

White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is considering recommending masks for vaccinated individuals as the Delta variant continues to surge. Fauci spoke on CNN’s “State of the Union” about COVID-19 and was asked about one projection that suggests cases will continue rising…

‘Our Own American War Criminal’: Carl Bernstein Accuses Trump Of ‘Delusional Madness’

Veteran reporter Carl Bernstein accused former President Donald Trump of being a “war criminal.” Bernstein joined CNN’s Brian Stelter for Sunday’s broadcast of “Reliable Sources,” and argued that Trump represented “a kind of delusional madness … on a scale and a scope that we ever never experienced in an American president in our history.” (RELATED:…

Serial Killer On Death Row Known As ‘Dating Game Killer’ Dies Of Natural Causes

Serial killer Rodney James Alcala died at the age of 77 of natural causes while on death row in California. Alcala, who was nicknamed the “Dating Game Killer,” was discovered dead Saturday morning, as announced by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. (RELATED: Suspected Serial Killer Who Allegedly Went On ‘Vicious’ Crime Spree Charged…

US Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Attacking Three Women In Manhattan Park

Police arrested a man Friday who was suspected of being behind a series of attacks on three women in a park in Upper Manhattan, New York. All three of the horrifying attacks allegedly perpetrated by the suspect, Elvis Nina Pichardo, 40, took place within an hour last Wednesday at Inwood Hill Park, the New York Times…

Jesse Watters Bucks Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Are Being Lectured By A Guy Who Hid...

Fox News host Jesse Watters said Friday that Americans might not tolerate a coronavirus vaccine mandate, calling it a step toward authoritarianism. Watters argued on “The Five” that the lectures might also fall flat coming from President Joe Biden, who he said had spent “the entire pandemic” in his basement. (RELATED: ‘The Girl Who Keeps…

Federal Prosecutors Are Branding Non-Violent Jan 6 Defendants As ‘Terrorists’ To Pursue Harsher Sentences

Federal prosecutors are attempting to pursue harsher sentences for those arrested for non-violent crimes in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol by branding them as terrorists while acknowledging their actions don’t meet the legal definition of terrorism. Court documents first flagged by independent journalist Michael Tracey from the case of Paul Hodgkins,…

Democrat-Run Cities Burned Last Summer. Now It’s A Summer Of Violence

Democrats welcomed crime last summer when cities burned following the death of George Floyd. Defund the police activists encouraged officials to adopt soft-on-crime policies, and the cities that did so are now being forced to deal with record-high violence and lawlessness. As cities burned during the summer of 2020, Democrats downplayed, dismissed, or outright encouraged…
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