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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Miami-Dade County FL Superintendent Carvalho: Our Kids ‘Are Being Used as Political Pawns’

Alberto Carvalho, superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools in Florida, said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that children were being “used as political pawns” in the fight over mask and vaccines mandates.MARGARET BRENNAN: So, what actually controls the spread in the classroom. Are classrooms vectors for spread of this virus? CARVALHO: I think the…

College Football Fans Chant ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ for 2nd Straight Week

“Fuck Joe Biden” chants have now been heard at college football games for the second week in a row after yesterday’s game between Auburn and Alabama State. On the heels of a sweeping and controversial vaccine mandate, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a drone strike that reportedly killed an innocent family in Kabul, including…

Nancy Pelosi 4 Months Ago: ‘We Cannot Require Someone to Be Vaccinated’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), merely four months ago, admitted that the federal government cannot require an individual to be vaccinated — a stark contrast from the Biden administration’s recent moves, forcing private businesses to implement vaccine requirements for employees. During an April 29 press conference, a reporter asked the 81-year-old California lawmaker why she…

Trafalgar Group Poll: Biden Approval Hits Another Low After Vaccine Mandate

President Joe Biden’s approval rating hit a new low with the Trafalgar Group poll, which was partially taken after he announced a federal vaccine mandate extending even to some private businesses. The poll, which was partially taken after Biden signed the executive orders, shows his approval at 43.5 percent. Biden’s disapproval is higher, which sits at…

Joe Biden Breaks ‘Unity’ Pledge in Angry Attack on Unvaccinated Americans

During his speech on Thursday, President Joe Biden broke his inauguration pledge to unify America when he singled out up to 80 million unvaccinated Americans, characterizing them as uninformed troublemakers who have worsened the pandemic. Throughout his speech detailing his vaccine initiatives – one of which will require private companies with over 100 employees to…

JD Vance: Businesses Should Not Comply with ‘Geriatric Tyrant’ Biden’s Vaccine Mandates

JD Vance, Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Ohio, called Thursday for businesses not to comply with President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates on companies. Vance said in a statement: Joe Biden’s proposed covid mandates are not only illegal and unconstitutional, they’re morally reprehensible. While Joe Biden likes to talk about millions of American citizens as if…

Biden to Order Vaccine-or-Test Mandate for Businesses with 100+ Employees

President Joe Biden plans to announce that the Department of Labor will require all employers with 100 or more workers to mandate their employees get vaccinated against the Chinese coronavirus, or else undergo coronavirus tests at least once a week. Businesses that fail to comply with the new sweeping federal vaccine requirement could be subject…

‘This Is Not About Freedom’: Biden Says Getting Vaccine Is Not A ‘Personal Choice’

September 09, 2021 5:48 PM ET President Joe Biden said Thursday it’s no longer about personal freedoms when it comes to the vaccine, and that getting the vaccine is a “not personal choice.”“The time for waiting is over,” Biden said during his speech announcing the federal government’s plans to combat the spread of the Delta…

Stanford U. Bans Indoor Parties, Calls for ‘Masking Outdoors’

If students at Stanford University thought life was returning back to normal now that 95 percent of the campus is vaccinated, it’s time for them to think again, as the university has announced that it is banning indoor parties, and “strongly recommending masking outdoors.” The university says that while “vaccination and face coverings together offer a…

Survey: Majority of Unvaccinated Say FDA’s Approval of Vaccines Doesn’t Change Their Mind

Most of the United States’ unvaccinated population are not moved by the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval of Pfizer’s vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus, a recent ABC News/Washington Post survey found. The survey found that unvaccinated Americans are overwhelmingly unfazed by the FDA’s approval of Pfizer’s vaccine — a move President Biden hoped would…

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