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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Muslim-Vatican Group Calls for Common Day of Prayer to End Coronavirus Pandemic

ROME — The Vatican-sponsored Higher Committee of Human Fraternity has called for a common day of prayer and fasting, asserting that the world is “facing a great danger that threatens the lives of millions of people around the world due to the growing spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.” “While we reaffirm the role of…

Pope Francis Calls For End Of Abortion, War During Easter Vigil

April 11, 2020 6:33 PM ET Pope Francis called for the end of war and abortion during an Easter vigil Saturday, and encouraged people to be “messages of life in a time of death.” In an event the public could not participate in due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pope Francis led mass in an empty…

Pope Francis: Populists’ Anti-Immigration Policies Disseminate ‘Fear and Hatred’, Resemble Nazi Rhetoric

ROME — Pope Francis said that policies proposed by populist politicians to curb mass migration only serve to stoke hatred and fuel fear, comparing them to Nazi rhetoric on Sunday. In an address to a gathering organized by the Italian bishops’ conference in the southern Italian city of Bari, the pope connected dots between war,…

Pope Francis: War Is ‘Madness’

ROME — Pope Francis said Sunday that war is contrary to reason, is never normal, and therefore is “madness.” “War, by allocating resources to the acquisition of weapons and military power, diverts those resources from vital social needs, such as the support of families, health care and education,” the pope told an assembly organized by…

Pope Francis Dismayed over Liberals’ Reaction to Priestly Celibacy Ruling

ROME — Pope Francis expressed “consternation” over the way progressives have rejected his decision not to change Church practice regarding priestly celibacy or women’s ordination, according to U.S. bishops who met with him Thursday. Catholic News Service (CNS), the agency of the U.S. bishops’ conference, reported that the pope was puzzled by accusations that he…

Pope Francis Denounces ‘Plague’ of Human Trafficking

ROME — Pope Francis condemned human trafficking as a “true plague” on Sunday, calling for an international effort to eradicate it. Following his weekly prayer of the Angelus in Saint Peter’s Square, the pontiff recalled that Saturday was the World Day of Prayer and Reflection against Human Trafficking, set on the liturgical memory of Saint…

Retired Pope Benedict XVI Breaks Silence With ‘Unprecedented’ Book As Pope Francis Considers Allowing...

January 13, 2020 5:47 PM ET Retired Pope Benedict XVI is releasing a book on priestly celibacy Feb. 20. The book comes as Pope Francis prepares to publish his own thoughts on priestly celibacy. “From the Depths of Our Hearts” takes a “serious and unflinching look at the crisis in the Catholic Church,” its press…

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Self-Control’ amid U.S.-Iran Tensions

ROME — Pope Francis appealed for an exercise of self-control and dialogue Sunday as tensions increase between the United States and Iran following a U.S. drone strike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. “War only brings death and destruction,” the pope said Sunday, following his weekly Angelus prayer in Saint Peter’s Square. There is a…

Analyst: Pope Francis Will Not Let Hong Kong Spoil His ‘Dream’ for China

ROME — Pope Francis dreams of being the pontiff who will establish diplomatic relations with Beijing, and to achieve this goal he is willing to make “concessions,” asserts Vatican analyst Alban Mikozy. “Pope Francis is a prudent man,” Mikozy told French television. “He pursues a dream: to be the sovereign pontiff who will restore relations…

Pope Francis Snubs Hong Kong in Christmas Message

ROME — Pope Francis called attention to a series of afflicted areas around the globe in his annual Christmas blessing Wednesday, conspicuously omitting any mention of Hong Kong’s mounting crisis. Traditionally, on Christmas the pope offers up prayers for troubled regions of the world, remembering those who suffer and invoking God’s peace on them. This…

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