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WATCH: Dealership, Neighbors Surprise Veteran with Car: ‘You Guys Gave Me Hope’

A woman who arrived in Minnesota with only a backpack and $200 got a huge surprise recently from her community. “Navy veteran Sierra was on her last leg when the community she now lives in came together to give her the gift of a new car,” WCCO reported Wednesday. Joe and Jake Mauer of Mauer Main…

VIDEO — Maine Veteran Builds Temporary Housing for Homeless Veterans: ‘We’re Keeping Them Alive’

A veteran in Boothbay, Maine, is helping fellow veterans struggling with homelessness during the coronavirus pandemic. “Ed Harmon, a service officer with the American Legion post in Boothbay, Maine, retrofits trailers into living spaces through a project he calls the Veterans Emergency Temporary Shelter, or VETS,” Fox 10 reported Friday. The trailers serve as temporary…

Crowd Gives Standing Ovation To 100-Year-Old Veteran At Trump Rally

October 16, 2020 8:31 PM ET President Donald Trump gave a shout out to a 100-year-old veteran at a rally in Florida, which was followed by a standing ovation by the crowd. During the rally in Ocala, attendees began to signal to the president that the veteran was in the crowd, video shows. Trump stopped…

Veteran Virologist Slams Mainstream Media’s “Misinformation” About An Effective COVID Treatment

Authored by Steven Hatfill via RealClearPolitics.com, On Friday, July 31, in a column ostensibly dealing with health care “misinformation,” Washington Post media critic Margaret Sullivan opened by lambasting “fringe doctors spouting dangerous falsehoods about hydroxychloroquine as a COVID-19 wonder cure.” Actually, it was Sullivan who was spouting dangerous falsehoods about this drug, something the Washington…

Honoring The Sacrifices Of American Heroes: Anna Paulina Luna

July 02, 2020 11:00 PM ET Anna Paulina Luna, a United States Air Force veteran and candidate for Florida’s 13th Congressional District, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about her military service, her congressional bid and more. Luna joined the United States Air Force when she was 17 years old. “When I first joined,…
veteran-cia-analyst:-how-an-internet-‘persona’ helped-birth-russiagate

Veteran CIA Analyst: How An Internet ‘Persona’ Helped Birth Russiagate

Authored by Ray McGovern via ConsortiumNews.com, Four years ago on June 15, 2016, a shadowy Internet persona calling itself “Guccifer 2.0” appeared out of nowhere to claim credit for hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee on behalf of WikiLeaks and implicate Russia by dropping “telltale” but synthetically produced Russian “breadcrumbs” in his metadata. Thanks largely to the corporate media,…

Veteran CIA Analyst: What if Ignored COVID-19 Warnings Had Been Leaked To WikiLeaks?

Authored by Ray McGovern via ConsortiumNews.com, The British court system continues to mock the Magna Carta. Bowing vassal-like to U.S. pressure it persists with Star Chamber proceedings against WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange until he is either extradited to the US or winds up dead. The judicial pantomime under way in London, under the guise of an extradition hearing,…

“The Fed Has Made People Lazy” – Veteran Trader Filibusters CNBC: “This Doesn’t Get...

"History is riddled with disastrous outcomes born of really good intentions.. and I think we're seeing it now" That is how veteran trade and CNBC regular Guy Adami began a spectacularly calm monologue (some might call it a filibuster today explaining what the hell is going on currently and that it is anything but normal.…

VIDEO: U.S. Air Force Legend Chuck Yeager Celebrates 97th Birthday

The first pilot to break the sound barrier, Gen. Charles E. “Chuck” Yeager, was born on this day in 1923 in Myra, West Virginia. In June 1947, Colonel Albert Boyd chose Yeager, a junior test pilot at the time, as the first person to ever attempt to exceed the speed of sound in the rocket-powered Bell…

JPMorgan Puts Veteran CDS Trader On Leave Over WhatsApp Use

Anyone who has traded CDS has inevitably transacted with JPMorgan's Ed Koo, who most recently headed JPMorgan's single name CDS desk and who over the the past two decades, due to his corporate cash bond coverage, was axed across the entire credit spectrum giving him a unique view over the IG market. It also made…

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