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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Visualizing Where The Next Billion Internet Users Come From?

Internet adoption has steadily increased over the years - it’s more than doubled since 2010. But, as Visual Capitalist's Carmen Ang details below, despite its widespread use, a significant portion of the global population still isn’t connected to the internet, and in certain areas of the world, the number of disconnected people skews towards higher percentages. Using…

From Bean To Brew: Visualizing The Coffee Supply Chain

What Does The Coffee Supply Chain Look Like? There’s a good chance your day started with a cappuccino, or a cold brew, and you aren’t alone. In fact, coffee is one of the most consumed drinks on the planet, and it’s also one of the most traded commodities. According to the National Coffee Association, more…

Visualizing The Biggest Ammonium Nitrate Explosions Since 2000

This week, a massive explosion involving ammonium nitrate rocked the city of Beirut, sending shock waves through the media. While this recent tragedy is devastating, unfortunately, as Visual Capitalist's Carmen Ang details below, it’s not the first time this dangerous chemical compound has caused widespread damage. Today’s graphic outlines the biggest ammonium nitrate explosions over…

Visualizing The Spiraling Opioid Epidemic In America

Over the last 20 years, the U.S. opioid crisis has claimed tens of thousands of lives. In fact, as Visual Capitalist's Iman Ghosh details below, opioid overdose deaths accounted for nearly 70% of all drug overdose deaths in 2018. Although the damage of the opioid epidemic is well documented, what people might not know is…

Visualizing The Size Of Amazon, The World’s Most Valuable Retailer

As brick-and-mortar chains teeter in the face of the pandemic, Amazon continues to gain ground. The retail juggernaut is valued at no less than $1.4 trillion - roughly four times what it was in late 2016 when its market cap hovered around $350 billion, and as Visual Capitalist's Dorothy Neufeld notes, last year, the Jeff Bezos-led company…

Visualizing The COVID-19 Impact On Advertising Spend

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, global advertising investment was estimated to grow at a 7.1% clip in 2020. Now, as Visual Capitalist's Katie Jones notes, global ad spend is estimated to see a brutal contraction of 8.1% - equating to almost $50 billion - as a result of changing consumer behavior. The total loss becomes a bleak…

Visualizing The Power And Frequency Of Earthquakes

The surface of our planet is in a constant state of creation and destruction as the plates of the Earth collide. It is this movement of the Earth’s crust that causes earthquakes, sending tremors throughout the world. Today’s graphic by Visual Capitalist is inspired by a classic USGS diagram that tracks the scale and frequency of earthquakes.…

Visualizing Central Bank Gold Buying And Gold Repatriation

Submitted by BullionStar.com, Gold buying by the worlds’ central banks is now at a 50 year high, with sovereign gold buyers having added a net 650 tonnes of physical gold to their strategic monetary reserves in each of the years 2018 and 2019. Central banks purchase gold for a number of reasons, chief among them…

Visualizing The Simple Reason Why America Will Drown In Deflation

In reviewing his speech and presentation delivered at the 5th International Funds Summitt, in which he laid out the key investing themes to watch over the next decade (which include "banking as we know it", the desktop computer, oil prices and fiat money) SaxoBank's Christopher Dembik writes that our current, fifth wave of innovation, that…

Halloween: Visualizing America’s Hair-Raising Spending Levels

This year, 68 percent of people in the U.S. are planning to celebrate and as well as having a headache on Friday morning, most revellers will have a lighter wallet. As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, on average, each American participating in Halloween will spend $83.26, according to the National Retail Federation with men ($96.13) spending more than…

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