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Sunday, July 3, 2022

China: GameStop Saga Demonstrates the Failure of Free Markets

China’s state-run Global Times on Sunday celebrated the GameStop stock-shorting saga as a failure of free market capitalism, boasting that such a wild ride could never be taken in China’s tightly-controlled financial system. As far as the Chinese Communist paper was concerned, the GameStop stock market revolt was merely an extension of the January 6…

The GameStop Rebellion: 4 Things to Know

Shares of GameStop and AMC saw tremendous gains this week as an army of small retailer investors beat back sophisticated hedge funds that had bet against the stocks. 1. A Bet That GameStop Won’t Stop Although GameStop’s meteoric price climb—from $35.50 last Friday to $280 today—grabbed lots of attention this week, a group of online…

The Coming Battle For The New World

Why is it the case that every time one looks for the causes for disruptions, coups, and assassinations anywhere in the world, including the USA, the ugly hand of British Intelligence is always to be found manipulating the strings from above? How have these British intelligence actively organized the past four years of Russiagate, and…

Hostile Takeover: Wall Street Assumes Command of Joe Biden Transition Team

KENA BETANCUR/AFP via Getty Images Wall Street and the biggest U.S. banks, after spending a fortune to unseat President Trump, are getting key spots in Democrat Joe Biden’s transition team that he has devised before the presidential election is certified. Detailed by the New York Times, Biden’s list of transition team members includes former Wall…

Donald Trump: Biden’s Donors Were Wall Street Bankers; Mine Were Policemen, Farmers, Everyday Citizens

President Trump touted his support among America’s working- and middle-class citizens in the 2020 presidential election, noting that Democrat Joe Biden was backed majorly by Wall Street. During a press conference on the state of the uncalled presidential race, Trump noted that while Biden got big backing from all the nation’s largest banks, his candidacy…

Watch: Joe Biden Touts Wall Street’s Support for Him During Debate

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden touted Wall Street’s support for his candidacy against President Trump at Thursday night’s presidential debate in Nashville, Tennessee. “Right now, by the way, Wall Street firms indicated that my plan, my plan will in fact create 18.6 million jobs — seven million more than his. This is from Wall Street,”…

Moody’s: Joe Biden Will Boost GDP via More Immigration, More Free Trade

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden’s plan for more immigration to the United States and more free trade will boost the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), economists with Moody’s Analytics say. The report, published this month, measures Biden’s globalist-centric agenda against President Trump’s economic nationalist agenda as to which one is better for “economic growth” and…

Report: Joe Biden Promises Wall Street Donors the Status Quo in Private Calls

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is promising Wall Street donors the economic status quo that they became used to before President Donald Trump’s administration, according to a report. An investment banker on Wall Street told the Washington Post that in private calls with financial executives two months ago, Biden’s campaign assured them that talk of…

Joe Biden Touts Wall Street Support for His Plan to Abolish American Suburbs

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is touting Wall Street’s support for his $640 billion housing plan that would force low-income, multi-family housing developments into America’s suburban communities. During a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin — where the Black Lives Matter organization and members of Antifa have led riots for weeks — Biden told supporters that Wall…

How the Republican Party Spins Trump’s Corruption

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at The Saker On June 20th, Pam and Russ Martens, at their anti-corruption site “Wall Street on Parade,” headlined “As Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Face Criminal Probes, Barr Fires Top Prosecutor; Tries to Replace Him with Banks’ Former Lawyer, Jay Clayton”, and reported that Donald Trump’s consigliere William Barr was firing…

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