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Monday, October 19, 2020

Freddie Mac Warns Apartment Loan Supply May Plunge As Virus Crushes Working-Poor 

Freddie Mac's multi-year lending outlook for apartment buildings reveals the economic devastation among the working poor due to the virus-induced recession.  Multi-family loan origination volume for apartment buildings could plunge as much as 40% in 2020 compared with 2019.  Freddie said the "magnitude of the decline would be tied to the recovery of the economy and…

Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger Of Using Largely-Untested COVID Vaccines On Kids

Authored by Martin Berger via GlobalResearch.ca, Environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warned Americans on Thursday to be cautious about any new coronavirus vaccine, pointing out that key parts of testing are being skipped. “The Moderna vaccine, which is the lead candidate, skipped the animal testing altogether,” Kennedy said during an online debate on mandatory vaccinations with…

Top Economist Warns No Recovery Until 2022, Stock Market Correction Ahead 

It remains to be seen if the US economy even began anything that could realistically be called a "recovery" in June. After all, virus cases are surging, states are pausing or reversing reopening plans, and retail foot traffic has stalled. The "V-shaped recovery" hype in which jobs and economic growth will surge to 2019 levels ahead of the election…

Gab CEO Warns VIsa Is Helping To Bring China’s “Social Credit Score” To America

A little over a week after getting blacklisted by Visa simply for being associated with Gab, a social media alternative that's committed to the principles of free speech, Andrew Torba, Gab's CEO, has just spoken out for the first time via a blog post detailing his experiences. His account is almost shocking in that, as…

Citi Warns “Markets Are Way Ahead Of Reality”, Urges Clients To Raise As Much...

If the 35% surge in the S&P in the past two months seems too good to be true as even hard-core optimists like JPM's Marko Kolanovic now admits, announcing that he is "dialing down" his optimism while Goldman sees little upside for stocks from here... ... it's probably because it is, as the latest Wall…

Jordan’s King Warns “Massive Conflict” Coming If Israel Moves To Annex West Bank

With Washington's backing, Israel is planning to move forward on controversial plans to annex a broad swath of the West Bank, particularly the Jordan Valley, as early as this summer. PM Netanyahu last month issued a likely time table of "within two months". Arab nations, especially in the gulf, have remained uncharacteristically mum about the whole…

Jim Grant Warns The Fed “Firemen Are Also The Arsonists”

As Grant notes, "it took a viral invasion to unmask the weakness of American finance."Distortion in the cost of credit is the not-so-remote cause of the raging fires at which the Federal Reserve continues to train its gushing liquidity hoses; but, as Grant exclaims, the firemen are also the arsonists echoing his earlier in the…

Ed Snowden Warns: Surveillance Measures Will Outlast The Pandemic

Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Edward Snowden has a warning for those who are giving up liberty for a false sense of security: the temporary mass surveillance measures put in place will be anything but temporary. Snowden says that these measures are not worth giving up even more liberty. Nothing is so permanent as…

Stockman Warns “The Jig Is Up!” – Covid-19 And The Defenestration Of The Central...

Authored by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog, Let it be said that historians will surely marvel - and at some point soon - about the grand delusion of the present era. Namely, the near universal belief that central bankers could print, peg and palaver the main street economy into unfailing expansion and ever rising…

CDC Warns Coronavirus Coming To US, Will Be “Tremendous Public Health Threat”

Summary: 8 new cases confirmed in Lombardy brings daily total to 16 new cases in Italy China pledges to build 19 new hospitals in Wuhan 253 more passengers depart the diamond princess as 11 of 13 American evacuees in Nebraska test positive Local authorities in China warn people will be punished for not returning to…
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