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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Watch: Apache Gunships Attempt To Disperse Iraqi Mob As Kataib Hezbollah Flags Erected Over...

Dramatic footage over the US embassy in Baghdad as enraged protesters continue to encircle the compound with US Marines still inside, and reportedly with more Marines on the way from nearby Kuwait:  VIDEO: AH-64 Apaches protect @USEmbBaghdad. 🚁“We have taken appropriate force protection actions to ensure the safety of American citizens...and to ensure our right…

Watch Rapper Make It Rain On Skid Row Homeless – An Important Lesson For...

The Federal Reserve might want to take some pointers from Rapper Blueface of how to preform helicopter drops in low-income neighborhoods ahead of the next downturn.  The 22-year old rapper was seen standing on top of a black Mercedes-Benz G-Class in the middle of Los Angeles' Skid Row, injecting money into the local economy via a direct transfer…
watch:-two carnival-cruise-ships-collide-off-mexico,-injuring-six-guests

Watch: Two Carnival Cruise Ships Collide Off Mexico, Injuring Six Guests

A rare and shocking incident on the seas was caught on video when two large cruise ships, the Carnival Glory and Carnival Legend, collided Friday morning while maneuvering at port in Cozumel, Mexico. The incident left six guests injured and resulted in a portion of one of the cruise ship's decks crushed, after which Carnival Cruise…

Watch: Students Love ‘Medicare-For-All’… Until They Discover What’s In It

Authored by Cabot Phillips via CampusReform.org, With the 2020 presidential election in full swing, leading Democrat candidates like Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have embraced Medicare For All as the solution to America’s healthcare problems. Support for the universal healthcare plan has grown despite the overwhelming cost to taxpayers that comes along with it.…

Watch Live: Trump Says Sondland Testimony Exonerates Him Of “Bribery” Allegations

Update 2 (12 pm ET): After what has been an agonizing morning of testimony, it has become clear that Sondland has one goal with his testimony: deflect blame away from himself and President Trump, and toward Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. During a brief meeting with reporters on the White House lawn late Wednesday morning,…

Watch Live: Powell Tells Congress There Will Be No More Rate Cuts

Judging by his prepared remarks, which we posted here, along with a preview of what to expect from Wednesday's testimony, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell is gearing up to tell the market something it doesn't want to hear: That the central bank is done cutting interest rates, and that Powell expects the economy to continue to…

Watch Live: Trump Talks Trade At Economic Club Of New York

Update 2: During President Trump's speech on Tuesday, he laid out his economic message for the 2020 campaign: Under his administration, the US has experienced more than five years of uninterrupted growth, and record-low unemployment. Trump said he reversed policies imposed by his predecessors that restrained the economy, blaming regulations and trade deals advanced by…

Watch: “Smart”-Summoned Tesla Drives Down Wrong Side Of The Road In Mall Parking Lot

Shocking video has surfaced of a 'Smart Summoned' Tesla driving down the wrong side of the road while trying to find its owner, like a lost infant wandering aimlessly, trying to find its mother, at a shopping mall.  The video shows the vehicle nervously stopping and starting (sometimes in the middle of the road), as…

Watch: Chinese Social Credit Score Publicly Shames ‘Bad Citizen’ For Jaywalking

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A video out of China shows a citizen being publicly shamed and having his photo and ID card flashed up on a big screen for crossing the road on a red light. “Chinese facial recognition system to discourage minor traffic violations. Cross the road when you shouldn’t…

Watch: Police Called Over Student’s “Friday The 13th ‘Jason'” Costume Prop

Authored by Zachary Petrizzo via The College Fix, Move over cultural appropriation - now one apparently can’t even walk across campus to a Halloween party dressed as Friday the 13th’s “Jason Voorhees” without having the cops called on them. Two George Mason University students late Tuesday night were questioned by campus police after someone called to report…
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