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Monday, November 18, 2019

Watch: “Smart”-Summoned Tesla Drives Down Wrong Side Of The Road In Mall Parking Lot

Shocking video has surfaced of a 'Smart Summoned' Tesla driving down the wrong side of the road while trying to find its owner, like a lost infant wandering aimlessly, trying to find its mother, at a shopping mall.  The video shows the vehicle nervously stopping and starting (sometimes in the middle of the road), as…

Watch: Chinese Social Credit Score Publicly Shames ‘Bad Citizen’ For Jaywalking

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A video out of China shows a citizen being publicly shamed and having his photo and ID card flashed up on a big screen for crossing the road on a red light. “Chinese facial recognition system to discourage minor traffic violations. Cross the road when you shouldn’t…

Watch: Police Called Over Student’s “Friday The 13th ‘Jason'” Costume Prop

Authored by Zachary Petrizzo via The College Fix, Move over cultural appropriation - now one apparently can’t even walk across campus to a Halloween party dressed as Friday the 13th’s “Jason Voorhees” without having the cops called on them. Two George Mason University students late Tuesday night were questioned by campus police after someone called to report…

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Explains Why The Biggest Liquidity Crisis Since Lehman Isn’t...

So having got the 'hawkish' statement out the door, all that's left is for Fed Chair Powell to get through the press conference without putting his foot in his mouth: admitting that this is a hawkish cut, and/or that the economy is considerably more fragile than investors think... Oh and one more thing - how…

Watch: CNN Reporter Abruptly Muzzled While Asking NBA Stars About China

While asking a question during a press conference in Japan, CNN's Christina Macfarlane was abruptly cut off by an NBA spokeswoman after asking Houston Rockets stars James Harden and Russell Westbrook what they thought about freedom of expression in light of this week's controversy over a now-deleted pro-Hong Kong tweet made by general manager Daryl…

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Announces QE4 (But Don’t Call It QE4)

Update: Fed Chair Powell appears to have announced QE4 (but do not call it QE4!): Discussing the liquidity shortage and repo-calypse, Powell said: ... While a range of factors may have contributed to these developments, it is clear that without a sufficient quantity of reserves in the banking system, even routine increases in funding pressures…

Watch Live: Will Trump Explode During Joint Presser With Finnish President?

After a difficult couple of days that has seen President Trump lash out at Congressional Democrats and their impeachment probe, politicos will be watching his press conference with the Prime Minister of Finland Wednesday afternoon to see if Trump loses his cool when the inevitable impeachment-related question is asked. Watch the presser live below:

Watch: Antifa Protesters Scream At, Block Path Of Elderly Woman

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, A video out of Hamilton, Ontario shows Antifa protesters screaming in the face of and blocking the path of an elderly woman using a rolling walker. The incident occurred during a demonstration outside Mohawk College against right-wing politician Maxime Bernier. The clip shows an elderly couple attempting…

Watch: Ukraine’s Zelensky Confirms “Nobody Pushed Me” In Trump Press Conference

Update: Just like Trump said, Zelensky has backed him up 100%, telling the press that he didn't feel pressured at all, during his July 25 call with the president. "I don't want to be involved in the Democratic elections of the USA," Zelensky said during one exchange. "Nobody pushed me," he added later. Watch the…

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Explains Why He Ignored The Biggest Liquidity Crisis In...

So... everything's economically awesome (apart from the biggest liquidity crisis in over a decade) but we should cut rates? Just don't say "mid-cycle adjustment" - they don't like that! Good luck explaining the Fed's repo function (and why you totally ignored it) and data-dependency, and remember, if the market pukes while you're talking, we know…
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