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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Judicial Watch Uncovers Explosive FBI Emails Appearing To Reference A White House ‘Confidential Informant’

Authored by Sara Carter via SaraACarter.com, A top government watchdog group obtained 136 pages of never before publicized emails between former FBI lovers Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and one in particular appears to refer to a confidential informant inside the White House in 2017, according to a press release from Judicial Watch. Those emails, some of which are heavily…
watch-putin’s-limo-brand,-aurus,-crash-test luxury-car-at-high-rate-of-speed 

Watch Putin’s Limo Brand, Aurus, Crash Test Luxury Car At High-Rate Of Speed 

Russian carmaker Aurus, best known for producing President Vladimir Putin's new bulletproof limo, recently released a video showing one of its sedans slamming into a barrier at a high rate of speed with crash dummies inside. The video was first released via Russian broadcaster Zvezda, and then reported by Sputnik, which shows two mannequins, one in the driver's seat and another…

“Take Your Benzos, Watch Your Porn”: Sunday Night Advice For Self-Righteous Failures

Many Americans suffer from a spiritual sickness, a singular brand of ennui only found in the most industrialized nations, where prosperity is spread among a vast middle class. White middle class Americans have no culture to center them and tether them to a community. Most of the ethnic whites lost these critical ties to "their…
watch:-us-f-22-raptors-intercept no-less-than-8-russian-warplanes off alaska

Watch: US F-22 Raptors Intercept No Less Than 8 Russian Warplanes Off Alaska

The US North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) announced that US F-22 Raptor fighter jets intercepted a large group of Russian military planes a mere 30 miles off Alaska's coast early Wednesday morning. Though such intercepts over the Bering Sea and near Alaska have occurred on a near monthly basis recently, what makes this particular incident…

Watch: Hundreds Of Handcuffed Perps Lined Up Outside NYC Bookings

As Andrew Cuomo delivers his first daily update on the coronavirus situation in his state following the riots we saw across the nation over the weekend, videos of the processing line outside a police precinct in Manhattan on Monday morning show just how many people were arrested in NYC alone, during a weekend where -…

Watch: Venezuela Sends Large Fighter Jet Escort For Tankers As Iran’s Flag Flies Over...

To pretty much everyone's surprise it appears the five Iranian gasoline tankers will be able to offload their fuel to Venezuela without incident, despite US threats to thwart what Washington sees as illicit sanctions-busting. It remains that the return trip could be a different story, however.  Dramatic video emerged early this week showing the first couple…

Watch: China Expert Warns Communist Regime Unlike Anything “Since The Third Reich”

Authored by Cabot Phillips via Campus Reform, The FBI issued a PSA warning of the Chinese government’s intention to steal American medical research in its quest to find a cure for COVID-19. The May 13 announcement came as mounting evidence continues to expose Chinese efforts to infiltrate America's college campuses with the goal of stealing research…

Watch: Massive Inferno Engulfs Another UAE Skyscraper

A high-rise tower in the United Arab Emirates has been engulfed in a massive blaze Tuesday, and reportedly was burning out of control into the nighttime hours.  A massive fire at a residential tower in Al Nahda in Sharjah, via New Zealand Herald. The 48-floor Abbco Tower in Sharjah was filmed with flames shooting up through its top…

Watch: Video Of NYPD Officer Brutalizing Bystander During ‘Social Distancing’ Arrest Sparks Outrage

We've been covering the NYPD's 'War on Barbecuing' since news first broke that the NYPD - presumably at the behest of Mayor de Blasio - was ordering 1,000 more cops to patrol the city's parks and public space to crack down on any 'social distancing' violations with tickets, summonses and arrests. The same mayor who…

Watch: Park Ranger Thrown Into Lake In Texas Over ‘Social Distancing’ Enforcement

There's been an increasing number of incidents between law enforcement and antsy Americans eager to get back outdoors after being sick of 'stay at home' and state-wide lockdown measures. But often individuals' desire for a rapid return to normal is butting up against continuing social distance measures still in place in most states, even those already…
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