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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Donald Trump in Wisconsin: Our Movement Is Stronger than It Ever Was

President Donald Trump declared that his political movement was stronger than ever at a campaign rally in Wisconsin Saturday. “Something is going on … you didn’t see this four years ago, because as good as four years ago was – that was incredible, the best ever, the best ever – this is much better. This…

Court Blocks Wisconsin Governor’s COVID-19 Distancing Rules As Cases Surge

An appeals court in Wisconsin blocked Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ indoor social distancing guidelines Friday amid a surge of COVID-19 cases in the state, according to the Associated Press. The 3rd District Court of Appeals decision comes after Evers’ Oct. 6 order, which limited public indoor gatherings to 25% of a venue’s capacity or 10…

Fox News Polls: Trump Leads in Ohio, Race Tightens in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

A series of new polls released by Fox News on Wednesday indicate the presidential race has shifted in recent days, with President Donald Trump leading in Ohio and a tight race forming in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The polls, which were conducted between October 17 and October 20, found Trump was running close to former Vice…

Joe Biden Claims ‘No Basis’ for Hunter Biden Accusations; Cites Romney, Clapper, Brennan

Former Vice President Joe Biden told a Wisconsin reporter Tuesday evening that there is “no basis” for the accusation that his son, Hunter Biden, profited from foreign business partners by selling access to his father during his tenure in office. Adrienne Pedersen of Milwaukee ABC affiliate WISN 12 News’ interviewed Biden, who was at his home…

Trump: November Election a Choice of ‘Super Recovery’ or ‘Biden Depression’

Julio Cortez/AP Photo If Joe Biden (D) wins in November, he will raise taxes and plunge the country into a depression, President Donald Trump said Saturday at his rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. “This election is a choice between a Trump super recovery and a Biden depression. And you know they’re gonna raise your taxes substantially,…

Jay-Z Paying Bail, Citation Fees For Protesters In Wauwatosa

October 09, 2020 9:08 PM ET Jay-Z’s Team Roc has paid for protesters’ bail/citation fees in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, following multiple arrests Thursday night. The social justice arm of the 50-year-old rapper’s entertainment company, Roc Nation, posted bond for Alvin Cole’s mother and his three sisters, who were arrested while protesting his death, per CBS58 News…

WATCH: National Guard Deploys in Wisconsin to Enforce Curfew

Multiple video reports from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, show a heavy National Guard presence on Thursday night. The state’s governor announced the deployment on Wednesday. Guardsmen are seen making some arrests of people violating the city’s curfew order. TMJ NBC4’s Shaun Gallagher tweeted a video showing protesters being surrounded by law enforcement and pushed north. The protesters…

Daily Caller Reporters Detained, Repeatedly Hit With Clubs By Police While Reporting On Wisconsin...

Daily Caller reporters Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss reported that they were detained and hit repeatedly by police while covering demonstrations in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. “@RichieMcGinniss and I just got detained/almost arrested,” Talcott said on Twitter. “Officers kicked me and hit me with a billy club and repeatedly hit Richie with a club (we were not…

Protesters Met By National Guard In Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Protesters in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin were met by the National Guard when demonstrations began Thursday night. Videos showed members of the National Guard and several large vehicles parked in front of the crowd, which gathered around 9:00 p.m. We made it to Wauwasota, WI where protesters have been met by a lot of National Guard members:…

Thousands Of Voters Had Already Cast Their Ballots Before RBG Died

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have already voted in states around the country, including tens of thousands who had cast their ballots before the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the possible impact it may have on the election. Multiple states, including some critical battlegrounds, have seen massive turnout in early voting…
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