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Friday, May 20, 2022

France Deploys Jets, Warship to East Mediterranean Amid Turkey Gas Tensions

Skip to content Macron reportedly backing Greece’s sovereignty over its territorial waters France is getting more deeply involved against Turkey’s eastern Mediterranean ambitions for expanded oil and gas exploration, reportedly sending fighter jets and a naval frigate near Cyprus in order to contest Turkey encroachment on EU members’ territorial waters.Cypriot media has confirmed that so…

Despite Covid-19 crisis & falling oil prices, Russia’s gold & foreign exchange reserves reach...

Skip to content The collapse of the petrodollar is here The value of Russia’s gold and foreign currency holdings has risen by almost $9 billion in a week. This means it’s sitting on $600 billion in forex reserves – an all-time record beating August 2008’s previous high of $598 billion.That was just before the global…

Air Force Runs Radar Penetration Drills With Stealth Aircraft Fleet

Skip to content Fighters worked in tandem with non-stealth aircrafts In a huge air drill earlier this week, the US Air Force tested the ability of each of its stealth aircraft to work with each other and with non-stealth aircraft to penetrate an enemy air defense network.Each of the Air Force’s stealth aircraft – the…

Ex-Saudi Official Sues MBS in US Court, Claims Crown Prince Sent Assassins to Kill...

A senior aide to the ousted crown prince of Saudi Arabia has alleged in a lawsuit filed in a US court that the present crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has tried to kill him. Saad al-Jabri claims bin Salman “dispatched a team of hunters and killers” to murder him just weeks after another Saudi exile,…

‘A Bomb of Some Kind’: Trump Says U.S. Military Officials ‘Think’ Deadly Beirut Blast...

Skip to content ‘They seem to think it was an attack,’ says president President Trump has claimed the blast that rocked Beirut was likely an “attack,” citing US military officials who “seem to believe” the explosion was not accidental, despite widespread reports it was a chemical warehouse accident.“It would seem like it based on the…

China to build Wuhan-style virus lab close to Russian border

Skip to content China plans to build between five and seven more laboratories China will construct up to seven new laboratories to deal with dangerous diseases, and one will be just a few hours from the Russian border. Currently, China only has one facility – in Wuhan, the original epicenter of Covid-19.Before 2026, the country…

Chinese Navy Installs New Turbo Generators to Power Railguns, Electromagnetic Catapults

Skip to content State media touts 20-megawatt power generators China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) has begun installing new turbo power generators on its warships.With four times the capacity of existing power plants, the new generators will enable new technologies, such as electromagnetic catapults and railguns, to be deployed as well.The China State Shipbuilding Corporation’s…

US Keeping Pressure on Iran Until it “Behaves Like a Normal Nation” – Pompeo

Skip to content Sanctions expanded against Iran target nuclear, military, ballistic missile programs The United States sanctions against Tehran were reimposed after President Donald Trump announced Washington’s unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, also known as the Iran nuclear deal.US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Thursday that Washington expands its…

Pompeo Calls China’s Consulate in Houston “Den of Spies”

Skip to content Secretary of state launches hard stance on China during Senate hearing The US secretary of state has taken a tough line on Beijing as he testified in the Senate by calling China nothing less than a “central threat of our times” and slamming the Chinese Houston consulate the US closed as a…

Civil War November 2020

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