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Monday, January 20, 2020
us-forces-in-tense-showdown-with-russian convoy-on-blocked-syrian-highway

US Forces In Tense Showdown With Russian Convoy On Blocked Syrian Highway

An extremely dangerous and rare incident played out in northeast Syria between the conflict's two most powerful rival forces on Saturday when opposing American and Russian military convoys encountered each other on a highway.  The incident was filmed and published online by anti-Assad opposition group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), which described a major…

Resistance Is Futile – When Does The FOMO Momo Say No Mo’?

Authored by Sven Henrich via NorthmanTrader.com, Does a liquidity driven momentum market that seemingly does not care about valuations, risk, open gaps and technical extensions face any resistance at all? Are there technical limits for a market that goes up every day, every week and every month? History teaches us that there are such limits and I’ll share a few…

Dramatic Video Shows Turkish Coast Guard Deliberately Smashing Into Migrant Boat

After a week which tragically witnessed a sudden uptick in refugee and migrant incidents and drowning deaths in the Mediterranean, a dramatic video has been published online showing the Turkish Coast Guard resorting to extreme measures while intercepting migrant boats.  The video, which first appeared via a Middle East Telegram or other social media channel, shows a…

Market Continues “Euphoric” Advance As 3500 Becomes Next Target

Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Market Continues Euphoric Advance In last week’s missive, I discussed a couple of charts which suggested the markets are pushing limits which have previously resulted in fairly brutal reversions. This week, the market pushed those deviations even further as the S&P 500 has now pushed into 3-standard deviation territory above the…

Troop Injuries “Emerged Days After”: Pentagon’s Shifting Iran Attack Casualty Narrative Gets More Absurd

A mere days ago the American public was still being told there were no American casualties as a result of Iran's Jan.8 ballistic missile attack on an Iraqi base hosting US forces.  And over a week ago, days following the attack, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said there was only damage to property at Al-Asad air base,…

The Bank Of England’s Governor Fears A Liquidity Trap

Authored by Frank Shostak via The Mises Institute, The global economy is heading towards a “liquidity trap” that could undermine central banks’ efforts to avoid a future recession according to Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England. In a wide-ranging interview with the Financial Times (January 8, 2020), the outgoing governor warned that central banks were…

“We’re Ready To Fight”: 1000s Expected To Attend Massive Gun-Rights Rally At Virginia Capitol

As various pro-gun rights groups prepare to gather at Virginia's state capitol in Richmond on Monday in what's expected to be one of the largest pro-gun rallies in recent memory, Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam has declared a state of emergency, police are busy setting up barricades and temporary holding pens - and one lawmaker has…

Could Trump’s Next Fed Chair Be A “Goldbug”?

Authored by Tho Bishop via The Mises Institute, This week, Donald Trump formally nominated Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller for vacant governorships on the Federal Reserve. Waller, the Vice President of the Richmond Fed, is widely viewed as a standard Fed nominee with the reputation of being a "dove" who has criticized recent interest rate hikes. It…

Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian “Assault Weapons” Ban

Ever since Virginia's Democrats retook the state assembly and Senate in November, Democratic Gov. Ralph "blackface" Northam and the legislature have been gearing up to pass a draconian gun control bill. Unsurprisingly, many Virginians feel strongly about preserving their second amendment rights, and the state has traditionally enforced a more permissive stance toward firearm ownership.…

“GAO Is Wrong” – Dershowitz Says Trump Had Right To Withhold Ukraine Funds

Authored by Alan Dershowtiz via The Gatestone Institute, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has gotten the constitutional law exactly backwards. It said that the "faithful execution of the law" - the Impoundment Control Act- "does not permit the president to substitute his own policy priorities for those congress has enacted into law ." Yes, it…

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