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Monday, September 28, 2020

In The Midst Of A Pandemic, Blanketed In Wildfire Smoke, The City Of Berkeley...

It doesn't look like California is going to get the message that there's such a thing as "too much government" anytime soon - so, if you were holding out hope, this might just be the time to give up.  While the state continues to struggle giving its citizens basics, like masks to survive the ongoing pandemic…

Chaotic Scene Unfolds As Car Plows Through Trump Supporters In California, Multiple Injuries Reported;...

Several people were injured on Saturday after a car plowed through a group of Trump supporters who were counter-protesting a Black Lives Matter rally in Yorba Linda, California. The driver raced down the street as people carrying Thin Blue Line and American flags chased her, only to be faced with a line of police cars.…

Top NASA Official Unveils $28 Billion Plan To Land First Woman On Moon

The U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has unveiled a $28 billion program to send the first woman to the moon in 2024 as part of its Artemis program. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine released a statement Monday (Sept. 21), announcing the new mission to put a human back on the lunar surface would be the first…

Trump Unveils “Platinum Plan” For Black Americans, Designates Antifa, KKK As “Terrorist Organizations”

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign released a “Platinum Plan” that outlines promises he is making to black Americans over the next 4 years, if he remains the U.S. president. As The Epoch Times' Mimi Nguyen Ly details below, the plan seeks to uplift black communities through, in part, an investment of about $500 billion. The…

Prof Compares Black Americans Supporting Trump To Jews Supporting Hitler

Authored by Ben Zeisloft via Campus Reform, Northwestern University journalism professor Stephan Garnett referred to African-American speakers at the Republican National Convention as “a grand display of buffoonery.” In an exclusive interview with Campus Reform, Garnett doubled down, comparing Black Americans who support Trump to Jews supporting Hitler. In an op-ed for MaxNewsToday titled “Black RNC Speakers Don’t Represent…

Landlords Avoid Confrontation With ‘Uber Of Evictions’

"Unemployment is at a record high and many cannot or simply are not paying rent and mortgages...  "We are being contracted by frustrated property owners and banks to secure foreclosed residential properties." -Civvl A new startup company called Civvl is placing Craigslist ads across the country for gig workers to evict those who have fallen…

John Legend Threatens To ‘Leave Country’ If Trump Reelected – After Buying $17.5 Million...

Singer John Legend (real name John Roger Stephens) says that Americans might "have to start thinking about going somewhere else" if President Trump is reelected. Legend joins a long tradition of Hollywood liberals who vow to leave the country over President Trump but then don't. "At some point, if that project [to destroy democracy] was…

Pepe Escobar Exposes ‘Sinophobia Inc.’ – The West’s Information-Industrial Hybrid Warfare Complex

Authored by Pepe Escobar via The Saker blog, (Originally posted at The Asia Times), It took one minute for President Trump to introduce a virus at the virtual 75th UN General Assembly, blasting “the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world”. And then it all went downhill. Even as Trump was essentially delivering a campaign speech and…
astronauts-isolate-as-mystery-air-leak-hunt-continues-on international-space-station

Astronauts Isolate As Mystery Air Leak Hunt Continues On International Space Station

NASA and the Russian Space Agency Roscosmos are searching for a small air leak on the International Space Station (ISS), according to Sputnik.  The crew of the ISS will move to the Russian side of the station on Friday, and through the weekend, to allow for a couple of days of air pressure tests. This will…

What’s The Difference Between ‘Villain’ Assange & ‘Intrepid’ Woodward?

Authored by Lee Camp via Counterpunch.org, The completely fair super awesome trial of Julian Assange continues in the U.K. as I write this. It’s a beautiful blend of the works of Kafka, Stalin and Joseph Heller. Seeing as Julian is kept in a glass container in the courtroom, like a captured cockroach, maybe Kafka wins…

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