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Thursday, September 23, 2021

CCP Dissident Claims China Released COVID At Military World Games In October 2019

In a shocking revelation that raises serious challenges for the official narrative about COVID's origins inside China, new claims from an exiled CCP whistleblower allege that Chinese agents released COVID at an international sporting event in Wuhan in October 2019.In effect, it was the first super-spreader event, and it - didn't happen at a biker…

Taper Tantrum 2.0?

Stocks did what stocks do ahead of The Fed - drifted higher - and then markets all roared higher after The Fed statement (which was undoubtedly hawkish on both the taper and rate liftoff) but it was not until Powell said the taper would be over by mid-2022 that everything reversed (dollar higher; gold, bonds,…

‘He Raped Me Every Morning’: Snopes Co-Founder Accused Of Sexual Abuse By Most Recent...

The saga of Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson just keeps getting worse. Mikkelson, who made headlines in 2016 for cheating on his co-founder wife and marrying an escort - only to be suspended by Snopes last month for mass plagiarism - has been accused of raping his now-ex escort wife 'every morning' and playing mind games with…

FOMC Signals Rate-Hike In 2022, Sees Taper Ending Mid-2022

Update (1440ET): During his prepared remarks, Fed Chair Powell noted that 'tapering ending around mid-2022 may be appropriate'.That fits expectations of a taper start in December with a $15 bn ($5bn MBS, $10bn TSY) taper per month...*  *  *Heading into today's pivotal FOMC statement, dot-plot update, and press conference, US equities were doing their usual…

Goldman Warns Of Oil Spike To $90 If Winter Is Colder Than Usual

Oil's recent gains may accelerate and the price per barrel could surge to $90 if the approaching winter proves colder than normal, Jeff Currie, Goldman's global commodities head of told Bloomberg TV. Such a rise - the result of gas for oil substitution due to exploding nat gas prices around the globe - would be…

SoftBank, Middle Eastern Sovereign Wealth Funds Back Mnuchin’s $2.5 Billion Private Equity Fund

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has found an investor for his new 10-figure private equity fund in an old friend of the Trump Administration: SoftBank.The latest iteration of SoftBank's infamous Vision Fund has decided to invest in Mnuchin's new firm, which has a fundraising target of $2.5 billion, and will feature a private equity model.Mnuchin's new…

Record Shattered (Again): 73 Container Ships Stuck Waiting Off California

By Greg Miller of FreightWaves,The number of container ships at anchor or drifting in San Pedro Bay off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has blown through all previous records.The latest peak: There were an all-time-high 73 container ships in the queue in San Pedro Bay on Sunday, according to the Marine Exchange…

Crypto Crashes As SEC/OCC Warn Of ‘Reckoning’, Question “Long-Term Viability” Of Private Forms Of...

Crypto was hit by a double whammy from The SEC and OCC today...Like a wolf in sheep's clothing, SEC chief Gary Gensler led many crypto industry types to believe that he would be "a friend" to the nascent industry, largely because he once taught a class on the subject at MIT.Instead, using the logic that…

’10 For The Big Guy’: Politico Confirms Hunter Biden’s China, Ukraine Emails Are Legit

Several emails from Hunter Biden's laptop have been confirmed as legitimate, according to Politico, citing claims in a new book, along with emails released by a Swedish government agency.Ben Schreckinger’s “The Bidens: Inside the First Family’s Fifty-Year Rise to Power,” out today, finds evidence that some of the purported HUNTER BIDEN laptop material is genuine,…

WTI Extends Gains After Across The Board Inventory Draws

Oil prices managed gains today, rebounding off an ugly tumble back below $70 (WTI) around the US cash equity open, as supply constraints trumped any Evergrande or Delta related demand concerns.The rise came as "the oil market will remain tight" for as long as demand concerns do not materialize, Carsten Fritsch, energy analyst at Commerzbank…

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