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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Twitter Unveils “Birdwatch,” A New Platform Where Users Fact-Check Tweets

Twitter has finally found a way to appease the leftist mob that has long been dictating policy on the app, while absolving itself of all responsibility.According to a story published by NBC News's Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny, Twitter is launching a crowd-sourced feature intended to combat slander and misinformation in a similar way that Wikipedia flags…

Tesla Is Looking For People To Work On Its Semi

By Market CrumbsLast week Aurora and trucking giant PACCAR signed a global strategic partnership to bring a self-driving truck powered by the Aurora Driver to market in the coming years.The partnership is notable because PACCAR, which is one of the largest manufacturers of medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the world, was drawn to startup Aurora.…

Ray Dalio: “We Are On The Brink Of A Terrible Civil War”

It was over a decade ago that we first warned the Fed's unconstrained monetary lunacy will eventually result in civil war, a prediction for which Time magazine, which back then was still somewhat relevant, mocked us. This is what Time's Stephen Gendel said in October 2010:What is the most likely cause of civil unrest today?…

CBS Medical Editor Says Americans Should Wear Two Face Masks

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,CBS4 Medical Editor Dr. Dave Hnida says that Americans should wear not one but TWO face masks if they want to ensure full protection against COVID-19.“Specifically what we’re saying is that two masks may actually equal the protection you would get from N-95 masks, which is considered the…

Goldman’s Clients Are Freaking Out About A Stock Bubble: Here Is The Bank’s Response

One doesn't have to be a "legendary" investor to call out bubbles, especially once who correctly called the excesses of the dot com and housing eras, but it helps and it's probably why Jeremy Grantham had such conviction last week when he said that not only is the market currently an "epic" bubble but that…

Bitcoin Surges As Microstrategy Buys Another $10 Million

Was that it for the bitcoin "crash"?Just as bitcoin was tumbling last night, we refuted the latest report from JPMorgan (see "JPMorgan Tries To Slam Bitcoin Again, Fails Spectacularly") which - for the third time in 2 months - tried to slam the cryptocurrency by claiming that bitcoin was not a good "diversifier" even as…

Buchanan On Biden’s America: One Nation Or Us Versus Them?

Authored by Pat Buchanan via Buchanan.org,“We have met the enemy and he is us,” said Walt Kelly’s cartoon character Pogo, half a century ago, about what we Americans were doing to our environment.Rereading President Joe Biden’s inaugural address, Pogo’s remark comes to mind.Biden began on a lofty, hopeful and familiar note:“This is a great nation.…

Yellen Says US Will Fight Currency Manipulation, Will Use “Full Array Of Tools” To...

Amid her 114 pages of written follow-up responses to her Senate confirmation hearing, Treasury Secretary-designate Janet Yellen touched on various topics spanning from climate change to sanctions policy and moves to maintain the dollar’s status as the world’s main reserve currency, telling lawmakers that she will work with President Joe Biden to get countries to refrain…

Wall Street Declares “The Beginning Of The End Of The COVID Crisis”

One month ago, we said that the beginning of the end of the covid pandemic would mysteriously coincide with the Biden inauguration, and sure enough that's precisely what has just happened. As BofA's Ethan Harris writes overnight in his daily COVID news wrap, "with COVID cases falling and vaccines accelerating, this is probably the beginning…

COVID Cases Decline Across US As Post-Holiday Surge Fizzles; Brazil Approves US & China...

Summary:US nears 400k COVID-linked deathsGlobal cases: 95.7MMUK vaccinates 6% of populationBrazil approves US, Chinese vaccinesIsrael opens vaccinations to people in theirUK considering "all possible measures" as deaths spikeGermany extends lockdown to Feb. 14California deaths down day over dayNY saw second straight daily drop over weekendSwedish PM couldn't rule out further restrictions* * *Update (1350ET): New…
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