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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Politico Fact Bombs New York Times Over Criticism Of Leak Prosecutor

Authored by Jonathan Turley,The New York Times faced a stinging contradiction from Politico this week after it ran a story besmirching the lead prosecutor in the leak investigation launched under former Attorney General Bill Barr.The article relies on anonymous sources to claim that Assistant U.S. Attorney Osmar Benevenuto of the District of New Jersey was…

An Apparently Confused Biden Goes Silent After Fielding Question About Putin

More clips have surfaced which highlight Biden's apparent difficulty in handling unscripted back-and-forth discussion during his ongoing foreign policy focused Europe trip. As early as the weekend at the G-7 the Associated Press had noticed a "handful of verbal stumbles" the US president made. As we also highlighted there would be more to come. And then at his…

Jon Stewart Hijacks Colbert Show With Lab-Leak Rant, Liberal Twitter Explodes

Comedian Jon Stewart overpowered Stephen Colbert's ability to shill on Monday, hijacking the Late Show's return to a live (and fully vaccinated) audience with an epic rant on the COVID-19 lab-leak theory."I think we owe a great debt of gratitude to science. Science has, in many ways, helped ease the suffering of this pandemic, which…

Price Discovery Is Alive And Well In Crypto

Authored by Doug French via The Mises Institute,“If the market continues to see wild swings based on Elon Musk tweets, it’s going to be a big setback for this asset class,” Matt Maley, chief market strategist for Miller Tabak + Co. told Bloomberg. “The fact that it sees such wild swings to the tweets from one person takes…

Biden Administration Moving Forward With Trump-Era Proposal For US Uranium Reserve

The Biden administration is taking steps to establish a US uranium reserve, a proposal put forward by the Trump administration which could boost mining of the mineral as well as the potential to expand nuclear energy in the United States."Yellowcake" uranium coming off a conveyor lineIn Tuesday testimony before the Senate Energy and Natural Resources…

Watch: Roger Waters Tells “Little Pr**k” Zuckerberg To “F**k Off” Following Request To Use...

Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,Pink Floyd song writer Roger Waters slammed Mark Zuckerberg during a press conference recently, announcing that the Facebook owner had offered a “huge, huge amount of money” to use the iconic song Another Brick In The Wall Part II in an advert for Instagram.Speaking at an event to raise awareness about…

Arizona Senator: State Lawmakers Prepared To Act On Findings From Election Audit

Authored by Zachary Stieber via The Epoch Times,The Arizona legislature is ready to take action if the election audit taking place in the state’s largest county uncovers irregularities, a state senator said.“It’ll be our duty to act in whatever way is appropriate,” Arizona Sen. Wendy Rogers, a Republican who has been closely tracking the audit in Maricopa County, told…

Big-Tech & Bitcoin Pumped As Banks, Bonds, & Bullion Dumped

Big-tech was bid as soon as the cash market opened and both Small Caps (Russell 2000) and Big-Caps (Dow Industrials) were dumped with the S&P under water most of the day until the late day panic-bid hit as the gamma-meltup struck...That's a record close for the S&P and Nasdaq.The Nasdaq's outperformance pushed it to its…

Illinois Gov Sends Reinforcements To Help Suppress Devastating Chemical Fire

Update (1520ET): As the dangerous chemical fire at Berkshire-owned Chemtool plant in Rockton continued to burn Monday, Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker activated the State Emergency Operation Center to mobilize emergency response to monitor and suppress a large chemical fire in Winnebago County.The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and Illinois Emergency Management Agency have already dispatched crews…

The Coming ‘Build Back Better’ World

By Michael Every of RabobankDouble Or NothingThere’s lots to cover today, but let’s start with inflation. Friday’s Michigan consumer sentiment survey saw the headline rise to 86.4 from 82.9 because expectations jumped from 78.8 to 83.8, while current conditions fell; and 1-year ahead inflation expectations dropped from 4.6% back to 4.0%, and five-year inflation from…

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