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Monday, November 18, 2019

Pew: Europe Hosting at Least 3.9 Million Illegal Immigrants

Skip to content “Europe has experienced a high level of immigration in recent years, driving debate about how countries should deal with immigrants.” Europe is currently home to somewhere between 3.9 and 4.8 million illegal immigrants, according to a new survey by the Pew Research Center.“Europe has experienced a high level of immigration in recent…

National populists in Spain promise to build ‘impassable wall’

Skip to content Vox presented a list of 100 proposals which included policies that would work to drastically reduce the number of illegal migrants living in Spain Spain’s national populist party Vox, the country’s third-largest party as of this week, has pledged to erect an “impassable wall” around its North African exclaves to prevent illegal…

Iran Burning: Shock Gas Price Hike Triggers Violent Protests After Subsidy Cuts

With protests and unrest raging in multiple hot spots around the globe from Latin America to Hong Kong to Lebanon and Iraq, it could be Iran’s turn to join in. Amid a fresh price hike in gasoline — the latest in a string of woes to hit the sanctions ravaged Iranian economy, ultimately making life…

Prince Andrew Denies Link to Epstein Accuser He Was Pictured With

Skip to content ‘No recollection meeting this lady,’ he says of Virginia Giuffre The UK’s Prince Andrew says he has no memory of meeting an accuser of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein who says she was coerced into sex with him while underage, despite seemingly appearing alongside her in a 2001 photo.While Andrew says he…

UN Envoy Issues Grim Warning Over Assange’s Life

A United Nations expert in torture diagnosis has in the past week issued a stark warning that Australian whistleblower Julian Assange is in danger of dying from extreme prison conditions in Britain.It is testimony to the rank hypocrisy of British and American governments who lecture others around the world about democracy, human rights and international…

Hong Kong Student Dies From Head Injury After Police Fired Tear Gas During Clashes

Skip to content Government spokesperson expresses “great sorrow & regret” A Hong Kong university student died Friday after falling in a parking garage during violent clashes between protesters and police, the region’s Hospital Authority said.Chow Tsz-Lok, 22, fell from the third floor to the second floor of a garage Monday in the Tseung Kwan O…

Over A Dozen Iraq Protesters Shot Dead In Last 48 Hours; Military Bans Use...

Pompeo says Iraqis want their country back Days into a government ordered internet blackout across much of the country, Iraqi security forces are in the midst of a new major crackdown on massive protests which have gripped the nation for over a month.In the past days it’s been marked by use of live ammunition, increasing…

Africa’s Socialism Is Keeping it Poor

It has been widely, vividly, but nonetheless wrongly believed that socialism is the appropriate system to improve the living standards of Africans. Worse yet, it has been misleadingly claimed that socialism is compatible with African culture because African culture is fundamentally a collectivist culture. However, one fact remains undisputable: socialism has failed wherever it was…

Iran Unveils New Anti-American Murals at Former US Embassy

Decorated with drones, Statue of Liberty & murderous Mickey Mouse to honor 40th anniversary of Tehran hostage crisis Ahead of the 40th anniversary of the US embassy in Tehran hostage crisis, Iran has presented a whole set of new anti-American murals, ‘decorating’ the long-closed diplomatic facility.The murals were unveiled on Saturday by the chief commander…

Chang: China Is “The Third Reich In The 21st Century”

“We cannot live with this militant Communist superstate that takes the position that China is the world’s only sovereign state,” said Chang.” Scholar Gordan Chang warns that the United States must ultimately “disengage from China” on all fronts if it is to maintain its status as a global superpower or risk China’s massive potential to…

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