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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

WHO Official Warns Against Lockdowns ‘As The Primary Means Of Control’ For Coronavirus

A World Health Organization (WHO) official called on world leaders Friday to stop using lockdowns as a primary method to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, according to The Spectator. The WHO previously advised against lifting lockdown restrictions too quickly. Back in June, Dr. Michael Ryan, executive director of WHO’s Health Emergencies Program, explained, “We…

Disney Had No Choice But To Work With Oppressive Chinese Authorities To Film ‘Mulan,’...

Disney had no choice but to work with communist authorities in China to film in Xinjiang for its live-action remake of “Mulan” last year, a company executive has told the British government. Disney received widespread criticism upon the release of “Mulan” this year after viewers noticed the company thanks Chinese Communist Party (CCP) groups involved…

Grieving Sons In England Reportedly Forced To Social Distance From Their Mother During Father’s...

Two grieving sons in England tried to move their chairs next to their grieving mother during the Friday funeral for their father, Alan Wright, but he was reportedly told by a staff member to move back due to coronavirus guidelines. “I can sit in a restaurant, I can sit in a pub, I can live…

Few Migrants Reverse Course After Guatemala’s President Threatens Detention, Deportation

Only a few dozen Honduran migrants reversed course after the Guatemalan government threatened detention and deportation as hundreds have continued to press toward Mexico with hope of reaching the U.S., the Associated Press reported Friday. The migrant caravan split into two routes, with around 700 boarding vehicles headed north while another 400 went west by…

The $88 Trillion World Economy In One Chart

The global economy can seem like an abstract concept, yet, as Visual Capitalist's Iman Ghosh notes, it influences our everyday lives in both obvious and subtle ways. Nowhere is this clearer than in the current economic state amid the throes of the pandemic. This voronoi-style visualization from HowMuch relies on gross domestic product (GDP) data from the World…

US Military Deploys Armored Vehicles In Syria Following Clash With Russian Military Patrol

The U.S. Military will deploy reinforcements, including armored vehicles and fighter jet patrols, to Syria several weeks after an altercation between American and Russian ground patrol units, the U.S. Central Command announced Friday. Around 100 troops will join over 500 U.S. service members in northeast Syria, Capt. Bill Urban of U.S. Central Command said in…

Hackers Leak Alleged Internal Documents Of China’s Social Media Surveillance

August 22, 2020 1:14 PM ET A hacking group claims to have breached three Chinese tech companies responsible for the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) social media surveillance Saturday, with the group attempting to blast leaked documents across social media. The hacking group, CCP Unmasked, says it infiltrated the Knowlesys, Yunrun Big Data Service, and OneSight…

China Says The World Has “Sour Grapes” About Massive Wuhan Water Park Concert

Videos and photographs of a massive electronic music concert that took place at a Wuhan water park days ago have sparked outrage from the international community regarding the concert's lack of social distancing or mask-wearing. But China says the beef is unjustified. Rather, they said that "critics are just bitter about their own nations’ poor…

This Is What A Nation Cut Off From The Rest Of The World Looks...

Submitted by Christopher Dembik of Saxobank Earlier this morning, there has been a couple of Japanese data releases. Japanese consumer price inflation was unexciting with a rate at 0% YoY. While we see some relative price changes in many countries, the basic story for the moment is that inflation will remain low in most countries.…

‘More Than Just A Peace Deal’: Leading Security Expert On Israel-United Arab Emirates Deal

August 16, 2020 10:10 PM ET James Carafano, vice president for national security and foreign policy at the Heritage Foundation, spoke with the Daily Caller’s Samantha Renck about the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, implications for the future and more. On Thursday, President Donald Trump announced a historic peace deal between…
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