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Monday, September 27, 2021

China Increases Pressure on H&M After Brand Repeats Vow to Avoid Slave Cotton

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) renewed its sharp-power attack on Swedish apparel firm H&M on Wednesday after the clothier restated its vow to avoid using cotton harvested by Uyghur Muslim slaves in Xinjiang province. The CCP launched a sudden blitzkrieg of social media criticism and boycott threats last week against foreign companies that have spoken…

American/Canadian Propaganda – a Xinjiang “Genocide” Panel

source On March 19th, 2021 a live zoom panel discussing the Xinjiang genocide narrative convened. This panel included Daniel Dumbrill and the following speakers: . Professor Radhika Desai: Author, editor or co-editor of over 10 books and numerous articles, Radhika is an internationally-renowned scholar on developing countries and geo-political economy. She is a Professor of…

Report: Cornell Professors Revolt Against Joint Program With Chinese University

Professors at Cornell University reportedly protested a joint degree program with China’s Peking University over concerns about academic independence and human rights, according to meeting minutes and audio obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. Alex Susskind, an associate dean at Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration, reportedly promoted the joint degree program funded by China’s education…

Poll: 84 Percent of Americans Oppose Disney Filming ‘Mulan’ in Chinese Region With Uyghur...

Disney’s decision to film Mulan in a region of China with Uyghur concentration camps continues to be a public relations disaster for Hollywood’s biggest studio. A new poll about the Walt Disney Co. has found that the vast majority of Americans oppose the studio’s choice of locations for the live-action movie. The poll of 1,098 adults concluded…

Australia Urges U.N. Probe into China’s Systematic Rape in Concentration Camps

Australia on Thursday called on the United Nations to investigate reports revealing that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has instituted a system in which Uyghur and other ethnic minority women in the nation’s concentration camps are “systematically raped, sexually abused, and tortured.” The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on February 3 that “several former detainees and a guard” at…

Chinese Embassy Touts Birthrate Decline In Province Where Forced Labor Camps And Sterilization Were...

The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. touted the decreased birth rate and eradication of religious extremism in Xinjiang, where reports have detailed forced labor camps and sterilization, as being a boon for female empowerment. The embassy shared a study by the Xinjiang Development Research Center and published in the Chinese government-affiliated China Daily that reported…

Chinese Military Road in Himalayas Alarms Indian Strategists

According to satellite imagery of the India-China border and communications intercepted from Chinese units, the Chinese military is working on a major road construction project that would dramatically improve its ability to move and support People’s Liberation Army (PLA) forces against India. The Indian government is reportedly concerned about the road, although it did not…

Senate Drafts Bill Branding China’s Campaign Against Uyghurs ‘Genocide’

China’s foreign ministry spokesman on Wednesday accused U.S. senators of telling “all sorts of lies” after the U.S. Senate introduced a draft bill on Monday accusing Beijing of committing “genocide” against ethnic and religious minorities in its northwestern territory of Xinjiang. Put forth by a bipartisan group of U.S. legislators, the resolution alleges that China…

Disney Had No Choice But To Work With Oppressive Chinese Authorities To Film ‘Mulan,’...

Disney had no choice but to work with communist authorities in China to film in Xinjiang for its live-action remake of “Mulan” last year, a company executive has told the British government. Disney received widespread criticism upon the release of “Mulan” this year after viewers noticed the company thanks Chinese Communist Party (CCP) groups involved…

Pompeo at Values Voter Summit: Communist China Cracking Down on Christians, Seeking to Rewrite...

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted the atheist communist party in China during the virtual Values Voter Summit 2020 on Tuesday for persecuting Christians and trying to rewrite the Bible to adapt the Christian doctrine to Chinese society. “We watch today the challenge that Christians and Catholics have to practice their faith inside of…

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