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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Stocks, Bond Yields Tumble After CDC Confirms First Person-To-Person Virus Spread In US

Well that changes things... The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Illinois public health officials confirmed Thursday the nation’s first person-to-person transmission of the coronavirus. The new patient is the spouse of the Chicago woman who brought the infection back from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak, CDC officials said during a press…

Stocks, Bond Yields Tumble As CDC Confirms Coronavirus Case In Seattle

Update (1335ET): The CDC has confirmed that a traveler from China has been diagnosed in Seattle with the Wuhan Coronavirus. The patient, who was hospitalized with pneumonia last week, recently had traveled to Wuhan, China, where the outbreak appears to have originated, federal officials have found. Officials declined to identify the patient, who was said…

Yields Slide After Stellar 7Y Auction Concludes Treasury Sales For The Decade

In the same week which saw a dismal 2Y auction with the worst bid-to-cover in 11 years, and a whopper of a 5Y auction, moments ago the Treasury concluded its last coupon auction sale for the year, and the decade, in the form of a stellar auction of $32 billion in 7Y notes. The sale…

Stocks, Yuan, Bond Yields Are All Tumbling As Lack Of China Deal Details Worries...

Update (1100ET): A total lack of detail (and growing confusion) at the contents of the phase one US-China trade deal has traders spooked. The Dow is at the lows of the day... Yuan has erased all of yesterday's gains... And Treasuries have erased all of yesterday's losses... Additionally, all ags are dumping as China refused…

Stocks & Bond Yields Are Suddenly Crashing Again

10Y Yield just plunged back below 1.50%, and 30Y yields are pushing new record lows at 1.93% as stocks give up early gains dumping into the red... no immediate catalyst but the combined move suggests a major delevering in risk-parity. It's a bond bear bloodbath... Source: Bloomberg And stocks are also puking their gains... Pushing…

Bond Yields, Stocks Spike On German Cash-For-Climate Debt Plan

Bund yields (and Treasury yields) and stocks have spiked in the last few minutes following headlines from Germany's Der Spiegel that the government is proposing a EUR500mm debt deal to fund climate protection. Development Minister Gerd Müller demands more financial resources for international climate protection. "There is less and less time to achieve the goals…

Treasury Yields Are Crashing-er

10Y US Treasury yields are down 8bps overnight, accelerating in the last hour to 1.62% (as 30Y yields crash below Effective Fed Funds rates) and stocks are starting to catch down... Stocks have started to tumble after a low volume ramp overnight As the yield curve collapses... But Stocks have a long way to fall…
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