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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

YouTube Deletes 15 Videos From Brazilian President’s Channel For “COVID Misinformation”

Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,Google-owned YouTube is once again flexing more power than world leaders by deleting 15 videos from Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s channel over claims of ‘COVID misinformation’.Videos that were removed included one that discussed the use of hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for COVID, as well as former health minister…

Quentin Tarantino: ‘I Would Far Rather People Watch Movies for Free on YouTube than...

Last week, film director Quentin Tarantino said he would prefer people watch movies on YouTube than pay for streaming services such as Amazon or Apple. “As far I’m concerned, YouTube is one of the best training platforms out there to watch movies and I would far rather people watch movies for free on YouTube than…

Excellent citizen journalism as SpaceX enthusiast calls out Orwellian Government [Video]

YouTube has gotten into the practice of silencing dissent against Joe the Evil Grandpa, also known locally as “The Imposter”, and dissent against Kama-ha-ha-ha-la Ha-ha-ha-hystericarris (How is this title?) as well as silencing President Trump himself and his supporters. A recent piece I posted about President Trump’s reemergence into the public spotlight has likely been…

FACT CHECK: Does This Video Show Pope Francis Saying, ‘I Have A Secret Agenda...

A video shared on Facebook claims Pope Francis said he has “a secret agenda” to deceive people, and urged them to stop following him. Verdict: False Pope Francis did not make statements to that effect. The English subtitles from Pope Francis’ comments in Italian are incorrect. Fact Check: The video starts with Pope Francis speaking…

Too woke for the Pope? Pope Francis nixes mass with Joe Biden [Video]

From the Catholic News Agency, which was curiously absent (sarcasm) from any Google searches when I first looked for more information about this story (We added some emphasis – ASH): Vatican City, Jun 14, 2021 / 16:55 pm President Joe Biden’s attendance at early morning Mass with Pope Francis has been nixed from an early…

TikTok Star and Bernie Sanders Fan Blasted for Showing Off $2 Million Apartment

A woman who went viral for a clip supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is being criticized for giving her followers a tour of what she claimed is her $2 million apartment. “Nicole Sanchez, who is better known by her username Neekolul, is the TikTok star behind the viral ‘ok, boomer’ video, in which she danced…

Guy Gets Knocked Out In Brutal Fashion In Viral Video

One guy got lit up in a video making the rounds online. In a viral YouTube video posted by Rennard Cotton, a guy was at a Walmart causing some problems when things went south on him. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes) After knocking his cart into an employee, he was knocked out…

The New YouTube Terms Of Service For Content Creators

On June 1, YouTube is introducing new terms of service for its content creators. Most of these terms aren’t new, many are common sense, and as you might expect from a legal document, this one is extremely lengthy. And, one might add, sufficiently ambiguous to enable any content creator to be “cancelled” on a whim.…

Conservative-Friendly YouTube Alternative Gets Major Funding From Peter Thiel, JD Vance

Rumble, an online video-sharing platform popular with conservatives, has received investment from prominent right-leaning venture capitalists, a Wednesday report shows. Venture capital fund Narya Capital, co-founded by J.D. Vance, and investor Peter Thiel are leading the investment, the precise value of which remains undisclosed, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). People familiar with the…

You Betcha Releases Awesome Video About The Different Kinds Of Drinking Friends

You Betcha has released another fire video. The popular entertainment company recently released “5 Types of Drinking Friends,” and I can 100% promise you don’t want to miss it. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football) Give it a watch below. It’s probably going to be the funniest thing you see…
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