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Checkmate in Syria as Damascus makes a deal with Kurds [Video]


President Trump was right again. According to a new Fox News piece published late Sunday evening, Kurdish forces negotiated a deal with Damascus to face off Turkey’s offensive. Russia is involved in the dealmaking as well.

The New York Times reported that the deal– which was announced Sunday evening– would enable President Bashar al-Assad’s forces to attempt to regain a foothold in the country’s northeast. The Kurdish fighters had few options after the United States abandoned them, and it had been anticipated they would turn to Assad’s government for support.

“An agreement has been reached with the Syrian government — whose duty it is to protect the country’s borders and preserve Syrian sovereignty — for the Syrian Army to enter and deploy along the Syrian-Turkish border to help the SDF stop this aggression” by Turkey, the SDF said in a statement.

The Washington Post reported that the deal was reached after three days of negotiations between the Kurdish forces, Russian envoys and Damascus.

This story has been widely portrayed as “Trump did the wrong thing”, but let’s review this from the beginning.

First, let’s have a listen to President Trump’s own explanation (nee defense) of his decision to remove some fifty US troops formerly embedded with the Kurds, from northwestern Syria, as part of his decision to cede control of that part of the world to Turkey and its leader, Recip Erdogan. This was cause for even some conservatives and Trump-supporters such as Senator Lindsey Graham to express their “outrage” at the President’s move to get at least one or two fingers out of the rest of the world’s business. For them, the only way the US is effective in the world is to interfere with the affairs of other sovereign nations.

However, as Tucker Carlson reported a week ago, the move to leave Syria overall, and this move to cede control of Northeastern Syria to the Turkish, Kurds, Syria’s own defense force and ultimate, Russia, is genius.

What happened then? Predictably, if one accepts the increasingly radical nature of Recip Erdogan – he attacked the Kurds. All the American media jumped on this as proof that President Trump made a bad strategic move. And after a week of predictable fighting, (and slanted coverage) it certainly did not look like this was actually a good strategy.

The media is portraying this as a Terrible, Awful, Not-so-Good, Unbelievably bad move for Trump who, as the American MSM, now even including Matt Drudge and more and more people even from Fox News will be happy to tell you, is facing the early termination of his Presidency with a growing level of “support” for impeachment and removal from office, per the Compleat Fake Impeachment Scandal.

These anti-Trump forces – basically globalists, secular humanists, represented in a very large number by the ranks of US Representatives and Senators in our own government, and reinforced by the severely biased globalist, secular humanist-biased Western press – are engaged in all-out war against the American president.

However, President Trump is playing the long game, and as usual, the foreign policy moves he makes (when he does so unfettered by “advisers”) are practical, needful, and nearly perfect. He is not afraid to gamble as he did with this Turkey / Kurd situation.

The following video segment explains the overall geopolitical strategy that may be in play. Retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor appeared on October 7th with Tucker Carlson when the news  broke that President Trump was taking US troops out of northeastern Syria, and this little piece of interview is a gem that seems very difficult to find. But, we have it here, and I have archived it, just in case the powers that be try to remove it from YouTube. It is brief and highly recommended viewing.

Col. MacGregor notes most significantly this point:

The President has done something that I have not witnessed in the past thirty years. He is actually injecting strategy back into American foreign and defense policy.

And watch further to see how. What the Colonel described does appear to be coming to pass, and the President probably knew it would. The brilliance of this is in the simple realization that this is not America’s problem to solve. It is a regional conflict that can be settled by the much more local powers in the area: Russia, Syria, Iran, and Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia and Turkey, plus the Kurds themselves. Col. MacGregor points out how with the US out of the picture, the problems still remain to be solved, but it is no longer our problem. 

President Trump stated very simply that America should never have gone into the Middle East.

The trap of neo-con based foreign policy over the last several decades is that the American people believe that their country is the only force that can bring reason and order to these awful places. That is how it is marketed to the American people. For the most part, our population has wearily accepted this, grumbling at times about yet another foreign war. It also seemed impossible to imagine that anyone in the government would ever speak out against this and put a stop to it.

Trump is upsetting this insidious power game and it has everyone who stands to benefit from it mad, and it has those who have been indoctrinated into believing its merits frightened.

The news cycle is very cluttered right now with all manner of anti-Trump, globalist-supported rhetoric. The effect of this Swamp is to “swamp” the American people and the Western world with a narrative that does not really follow the facts, both domestically in the US and abroad. The globalists are waging all-out war, with all their tools and allies, against the new rise of sovereign nationalism as promoted by leaders like President Trump.

However, all that froth does not change the facts very much. While it may seem somewhat disheartening to the casual consumer of news, it is possible to get direct and reliable information that shows that the narrative these days is simply “Baloney Surprise”.

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