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Chicago gang member’s jail recordings offer a rare look at the city’s entrenched gun culture



Reputed Chicago gang member Gaston Tucker was in custody earlier this year for allegedly fleeing police with a loaded pistol when he had an apparent moment of clarity about his place in the city’s entrenched gun culture.

In recorded calls from the Cook County Jail, Tucker, who’d recently served more than a decade in prison for shooting someone, was quite philosophical about landing back behind bars, according to federal court records.

After all, if he hadn’t been arrested carrying the gun, he almost certainly would’ve been caught for something far worse — perhaps even murder, Tucker allegedly said in the calls.

“Everything happens for a reason, man,” Tucker told a friend three days after his February arrest, according to a federal criminal complaint filed last month. “Think about it, man. This summertime, what I was doing, where I was headed this summertime, man, I would have gotten caught shooting that mother*r … That would’ve been life in (prison).”

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