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Children in Scotland Will Be Able to Legally ‘Change Their Gender’ After Just Six Months


The Scottish National Party (SNP) has unveiled a set of proposals that would allow 16-year-old children to legally change their gender after a period of just six months.

The Equalities Minister of Scotland, Shirley-Anne Somerville, published draft legislation that would allow anyone in Scotland, including 16-year-old children, to legally change their gender within six months of applying to the government.

Under the Gender Recognition Act, applicants must prove that they have been living in their “acquired gender” for at least three months, then following a three-month “reflection period” the change would be approved by the government, reports The Telegraph.

“We are proposing these reforms because the current system is viewed by many wishing to apply as traumatic and demeaning,” said Ms Sommerville.

“Women’s rights and protections will be as strong under this Bill as they are today, as we remain committed to protect, respect, and advance the rights of women and girls,” she added.

The manager of the Scottish Trans Alliance, James Morton, said: “The current process to change the sex on a trans person’s birth certificate is a humiliating, offensive, and expensive red-tape nightmare which requires them to submit intrusive psychiatric evidence to a faceless tribunal panel years after they transitioned.”

The bill will contain some provisions baring trans women from entering certain jobs, including rape counsellors, religious posts as well as from the army if such a person would undermine “combat effectiveness”.

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— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) March 9, 2018

The Scottish National Party regularly boasts about how progressive the party is on transgender and other LGBT issues.

In 2018, Breitbart London reported that the left-liberal party had drawn up a new school curriculum that would tell children in their first year of primary school that “your gender is what you decide”.

The proposed guidelines would tell children as young as five that “your sex is what you are told by a doctor when you are born. Most people are told they are a male child (a boy) or a female child (a girl).”

However, the guidelines went on to say: “People might think they know your gender because of the clothes you wear or the things you like to do. You are a unique person, you know who you are.”

The SNP gained 13 seats in last week’s general election, raising the number of MPs the party has in parliament to 48.

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— Breitbart London (@BreitbartLondon) December 13, 2019

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