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China Claims US Space Force a ‘Direct Threat to Peace’


Chicoms threatened as US moves to secure outer space

China has condemned the inauguration of the newest branch of the US military, the Space Force, describing its creation as a threat to peace that endangers global stability.

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters on Monday that Beijing was “deeply concerned” and “resolutely opposed” to the Space Force, which received its first funding after US President Donald Trump signed the annual military budget last week.

The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Washington’s new military branch sets a dangerous precedent for the militarization of outer space.

“The specific US actions are a serious violationhttps://www.infowars.com/wp-admin/profile.php of the international consensus on the peaceful use of outer space, undermine global strategic balance and stability, and pose a direct threat to peace and security in outer space.”

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He called on the international community to “adopt a cautious and responsible” approach to space, in order to prevent it from becoming a conflict zone.

In a ceremony marking the force’s official launch, US President Donald Trump said that space is “the world’s newest war-fighting domain” and that “American superiority in space is absolutely vital.”

The new military service expands on the work of the already-existing Space Command led by the US Air Force. Washington has said that the Space Force will comprise of around 16,000 Air Force and civilian personnel.

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