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China’s Tourism Ministry Warns Travelers To Avoid US Over ‘Racist’ Treatment Amid Outbreak


In retaliation for Washington’s travel ban targeting Chinese citizens and recent visitors, not to mention the CDC and State Department travel advisories, Beijing is finally putting its foot down: China’s Ministry of Culture & Tourism warned on Monday that Chinese citizens shouldn’t travel to the US because of “excessive outbreak prevention measures.”

Yes, you read that right: China isn’t contesting that the US has the outbreak under control. Rather, it believes the US has gone too far. After the WHO insisted that travel restrictions weren’t necessary, the US and myriad other countries (most recently Israel) tightened their borders anyway.

Now, the People’s Daily is accusing the US government of “unfair treatment of Chinese people”. In other words, Beijing is playing the race card. Put another way: A government that has been accused of jailing millions of Muslims in de fact concentration camps is now arguing that the US’s precautions to prevent a coronavirus outbreak were racist.

People’s Daily: China’s Ministry of Culture & Tourism warns citizens not to travel to the US due to excessive #COVID19 outbreak prevention measures & a security situation which has led to unfair treatment of Chinese people. It also advises awareness of security measures. https://t.co/hqtPfOtr2V

— Lee-Anne Pascoe (@LeeAnneP8) February 24, 2020

Beijing claimed on Monday that tourists had received “unfair treatment” in parts of the US, and China’s tourism bureau also warned that the “domestic security” situation in the US is lacking – possibly referring to several viral videos of Asian-Americans being berated in public, the Daily Mail reports.

Keep in mind: The coronavirus outbreak, which started in Wuhan, a city of nearly 12 million in China’s Hubei Province, has killed nearly 3,000 people since it started in December. Nearly 80,000 people have been infected around the world.

“The Ministry of Culture and Tourism reminds Chinese tourists to effectively raise safety awareness and be sure not to travel to the United States,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry neglected to offer any details or explanation of its reasoning. The Trump Administration has temporarily barred foreign nationals who have been to China in the last 14 days from entering the US, other than immediate family of US residents and those with permanent visas.

A video that surfaced online earlier this month showed a man attacking a Chinese woman and called her a “diseased b***h” on the subway.

While American SJWs have repeatedly warned that certain elements of the virus response have been ‘racist’, others have ridiculed their warnings as overt displays of hypersensitivity that could put people at risk.

Meanwhile in China, the government is ordering people to go back to work to prevent further economic declines, regardless of their risk of infection.

Then again, it’s not like the US would accept them anyway.

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