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Chinese Virologist Asserts COVID is a Chinese military project [Video]


Conspiracy theories are generally painful and uncomfortable for many people because they assume fantastically wild allegations about people that are always shadowy and unknowable. However, a story we ran some months back, alleging that Dr Anthony Fauci himself is at the very least “in the know” about COVID-19 and at the most, a supporter of its development does have some similar claims as we hear in this interview.

Tucker Carlson had Dr Li-Meng Yan on his program to talk about the origins of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the instigator of the COVID-19 illness which has thrown most of the world into disarray to some extent and outright chaos in others.

Dr. Yan has gone public before, but this time she makes very clear assertions:

  • That the virus was artificially created in Wuhan by order of the Chinese military
  • The artificial nature of the virus is being “hidden” from general media release to protect the Chinese
  • That it was spread intentionally to cause damage in the world.

This last claim is the most assertive of all, as it completely blames the People’s Republic for attacking the world.

This has a disturbing parallel with Dr Fauci’s story regarding the virus. In 2017 he spoke, saying that the world would experience a pandemic during President Trump’s time in office. We have. Why would he have said this so specifically? How did he manage to get on the COVID Task Force? And what of the alleged links between Dr Fauci and an American research project that was creating a chimeric virus that would be unstoppable? Reportedly the Obama Administration found out about this and stopped it, but it was simply relocated to… you guessed it – Wuhan and restarted with diverted American dollars sent to China for this.

There are further questions all this raises:

  • Is the virus in some way targeted against Americans? The US reports the highest number of incidence by far, followed by Brazil, India and Russia, However if the European Union is taken as a whole, it takes fourth place with well over 1.3 million cases and Russia slips to fifth.
  • Is the virus in some way designed NOT to affect the Chinese? After the virus slipped to the outside world, the Chinese cases virtually stopped. The present reported count from that country is only 90,244, with ZERO active cases reported.
  • By contrast, the US reports 610,971 ACTIVE cases as of September 16, 2020, with a total of 6,732,219 positives recorded since this started. How can this be?
  • Even if the Zero is propaganda, it is very assertive propaganda. Why does China have nothing and the rest of the world is afflicted?

These are questions nobody seems to ask. Maybe they do not want to ask. And when one looks at the massive hit on the US economy and the length of time the problems with the virus have continued – since January, while China is reporting ZERO cases…

What is going on here?

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