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Chris Hedges at the “Voice of Hope in a Time of Crises” Symposium. | Chris Hedges Brilliant Speech.



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About the collapse and capture of the Democracy by economic power!…a horrific and very detailed description of American democracy (and in a good extent the EU democracies)…

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March 12, 2021

…there are hundreds of other videos in youtube from this author and the topics discussed are all related to these issues!…there is nothing fake in this content!…


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Mr. Evans

John C Durham

Seems like a speech from many years past. Outdated.

Bertil Carlman

There are good speeches and there are bad ones. Some are very good even if they are very old. Why don´t you try to make one mr. John D?

The Transcriber

It’s good to see that Chris Hedges recognises the clear distinction between the “Left” and the “Liberal elite”. Many prominent commentators don’t, and end up punching wildly at thin air.

Mr. Evans

Mid-Terminal $elections And Faux KKKristian Fascicm . . . ;-0

Mr. Evans

They Are Not Elites, But Pieces Of Crapletes . . .

Mr. Evans

Mass Murdering War Criminal, And Criminal Bacrak Insane Obusha Is Not, And Was Never A Liberal . . . ;-0

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