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CNN’s Tapper on Death Threats to FNC’s Cavuto: ‘Stay Strong, Neil’


CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Friday on his show “The Lead” that Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto should stay strong after getting death threats for his pro-vaccine messaging.

Sunday on “MediaBuzz,” Cavuto urged those who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID to do so for “those around you.”

Tapper said, “A quick note from us here at The Lead. We don’t often mention our competitors, but the Fox channel anchor opposite us from 4:00 until 5:00 Eastern, Neil Cavuto, has been in the news. We just wanted take a moment to say a couple of things about Neil.”

He continued, “Neil is a survivor. He has multiple sclerosis, he has had open-heart surgery, he beat stage four cancer, and he is now fighting COVID. Neil recently talked about the importance of vaccines on-air, precisely to protect people like him who have compromised immune systems.”

Tapper added, “Sadly, many in the audience watching have been lied to about vaccines by others. Neil has received death threats for his simple, logical, science-based call for vaccinations. And Neil Cavuto is a gentleman. Neil Cavuto does not deserve that. Stay strong, Neil. We wish you health and a long, long life.”

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