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‘Coronavirus Challenge’: Social Media ‘Influencer’ Licks Plane Toilet Seat


You knew it was coming.

A social media “influencer” has launched the “coronavirus challenge,” which involves licking a toilet seat.

Yes, really.

21-year-old Ava Louise posted a video of herself licking the toilet seat on a plane alongside the caption “Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane.”

The clip has received over 340,000 views since being uploaded to Twitter. The original TikTok version appears to have been removed.

Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane ?? pic.twitter.com/x7GX9b4Lxc

— Ava Louise (ig @avalouiise) (@realavalouiise) March 14, 2020

In a subsequent video, Louise claimed that coronavirus “kills everyone who’s old enough to still have facebook,” that “gays are immune to the virus” and that it can be cured by doing cocaine.

She also said that “coronavirus is for poor people” but that she hopes she is killed by it so that she never gets old and ugly. Louise also ‘proved’ that she didn’t have coronavirus after licking the toilet seat by taking a drag of an e-cigarette to show she didn’t have a respiratory infection.

“Many were left speculating how long it would be before she was infected for real by the Covid-19 respiratory infection with many invoking the spirit of Charles Darwin, insinuating that natural selection would take its course,” reports RT.

Another TikTok user decided to join the challenge by licking a door knob.

JOIN #CoronaVirusChallenge WITH ME AMD @realavalouiise #coronavirus pic.twitter.com/v25omQk5ot

— eli bosque (@eliibosque) March 15, 2020

Another individual also licked a toilet seat.


— twomad (@twomad) March 16, 2020

The whole farce underscores how with the world’s attention firmly fixed on the coronavirus pandemic, social media thots and “influencers” are more desperate for attention than ever before.


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