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Coronavirus: China seems to have won, Europe has not yet managed. Why?


Coronavirus  can’t be stopped by interstate borders. It is already noted in 196 states. And two months ago it was only in one. The rate of infection is more than sufficient reason to take comprehensive measures.

In China, the virus has declined. The epidemiological situation in the country is normalizing. This suggests that the measures taken by the state are effective.

The question arises. What have the Chinese done that Europeans can’t repeat to stop the coronavirus?

The most effective method, oddly enough, is the simplest. Prevention. So say the Chinese doctors. Academician Zhong Nanshan, head of the Supreme Expert Commission of the State Committee of the People’s Republic of China for Health, expressed confidence that the most effective way is to identify the infected and timely isolation of all who contacted them. A feature of coronavirus infection is a complication of pneumonia. However, an infected person can infect other people before the first symptoms appear.

Currently, most countries have adopted the wrong approach to the prevention of the virus. Tests are taken only from patients. And thus, cases of passive infection can be skipped. Zhong Nanshan said that nucleic acid tests should be done to everyone arriving from abroad. And take them not from the nasopharynx, but from the nose.

The Chinese academic also expressed confidence that it is important to develop a vaccine to prevent the possibility of re-infection. It is currently unknown whether survivors receive lifelong immunity from infection.

The experience of China shows that non-drug measures are no less important than drug treatment. These are isolation, medical supervision, contact restriction and the use of personal protective equipment. These measures helped to reverse the increase in morbidity and stop the spread of infection. It has helped in China, and will help in other countries.

In addition, it is necessary to take measures to regulate the passenger flow in public transport, strictly regulate visits to public places, carrying out activities for the recycling and sorting of garbage and household waste.

All these measures, the Chinese strictly systematized. Three forms of social organization were introduced.

At the enterprise level, the movement and health status of employees is monitored. At the level of the areas of residence, measures to rally society are regularly held and information is provided on measures of individual and collective protection. And the last is self-organization. Compliance with public discipline.

The last point is the most important. The Chinese are probably the most disciplined nation. And this is what we Europeans should learn from the eastern nation.

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