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CORONAVIRUS – Someone Is Buying Up All The Respirator Masks In America


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Panic buys happening low-key at Home Depot

Infowars investigates a listener tip claiming respirator masks are being bought in bulk at Home Depot, likely in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“I went to Home Depot and I saw these two Chinese nationals there,” the caller told The Alex Jones Show. “And they had the masks on and they went in the store and they emptied the shelf. They bought about twelve cases of these masks. They completely emptied the whole store out.”

“Talking to this Home Depot associate,” the caller continued, “he said that they’re shipping them back to China…”

We headed to a Home Depot in Austin, Texas, where an employee at the hardware store confirmed the same bulk purchases were happening in Texas.

“Probably over the last four or five days I’ve had people coming in and buying bulk, so 90, 60, 100…” the employee confirmed.

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