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Cougar Stalks Man On A Run For 6 Minutes


A cougar stalked a man while he was on a run for six minutes.

The man captured video of the interaction, which occurred near Slate Canyon near Provo, Utah, according to a post shared Monday by KSL NewsRadio.


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A cougar stalked a man for over 6 minutes during his run through Slate Canyon near Provo. pic.twitter.com/h5WATRNTVG

— KSL NewsRadio (@kslnewsradio) October 12, 2020

The video shows footage of the cougar following the man for quite some time and even launching itself towards the man.

This man stayed wildly calm in this situation. It would have not gone the same way for me. Hiking or running in the wilderness is already harder than it needs to be, so for a cougar to be following along behind you just seems like the scariest thing ever. (RELATED: California Neighborhood On Alert Following Several Sightings Of A Mountain Lion)

The man seemed to have ran past the cougar and her baby, so it makes sense that it was just being protective.

Thankfully, the man seems to be okay and nothing too terrible happened. He might have just been scared for a while.

I’ve seen videos of people encountering wild animals, and this one seems the most tame.

I will say, the scenery on this run looked amazing. I guess I’d put up with potentially running into a wild animal to have these run views.